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Friday Update: Anti-Nazi League launched!

February 5, 2016

ANLAnother ten issues of Socialist Challenge added, covering the period of the launch of the ANL and much else besides.

The 24 page Xmas special for 1977 is well worth reading- I recommend the letters page.

Also a couple of pamphlets on CND / anti-nuclear struggles and six more Irish papers:

The Plough vol1 no2

Socialist Republic No3 Oct 75

Socialist Republic v4 no9 November 1981

Socialist Republic August 1982

Socialist Republic v6 no3 June 1983

Socialist Republic v6 no5 August 1983

Meanwhile, I have been busy scanning Internal Bulletins by the truckload…

Two pamphlets on Labour, CND and nuclear weapons

February 3, 2016

tridentReaders planning to go on the national demonstration against Trident in London on 27th February might want to do a bit of background reading first!

These two pamphlets have just been added to the site:

Nuclear Disarmament and the Labour Party by Tony Southall (Scottish Labour CND, 1983)

CND 1958-65: lessons of the first wave by Tony Southall and Julian Atkinson (Socialist Challenge pamphlet)

The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name

January 31, 2016

Socialist Challenge Issue 6 insert.4In 1977 Mary Whitehouse launched a malicious prosecution against Gay News for publishing a poem which she considered blasphemous.

In solidarity, Socialist Challenge intended to publish the offending poem on its back page.

However, as you can see, the printers refused to print it in the paper, so the poem and accompanying illustration were distributed as an insert.


Friday update: a few more gaps filled

January 29, 2016

bikoThanks to Keith for helping to plug a couple of gaps in our Socialist Challenge collection- no 2 and no 6 are now uploaded.

We have also scanned up to issue 21 for November 1977 a period covering the FBU strike, splits in the Communist Party and the murder of Steven Biko.

And we have just added six new items (thanks to Steve G) to the pamphlets section.

Building Workers Organisation and the Lump

Crisis in the Health Service

Fight for Democracy in the Labour Party

Shrewsbury the Next Stage

Shrewsbury What Now?

Socialist Policy for Defence of Trades Unions

Plenty to come next week including more Socialist Challenges and copies of the Irish papers  Socialist Democracy and The Plough.


1976 IMG Women’s Calendar

January 29, 2016

CalendarAs is traditional at this time of year, we would like to offer loyal readers a calendar.

This one is from 1976!

1976 IMG Women’s Calendar

Stalinism, Eastern Europe and the IMG: Labour Focus on Eastern Europe

January 26, 2016

lflogoLabour Focus on Eastern Europe was a journal established by IMG supporter Peter Gowan in 1977 as an independent critical journal dealing with Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

It had a special interest in the process of social and political transformation taking place and in the political currents and organisations of the labour movements in those countries.

We have eight issues of LFEE in our archives.

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe no3-4 Summer 1982

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe vol3 no6

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe vol4 1-3 Spring – Autumn 1980

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe vol5 no 5-6 Winter 1982-3

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe vol5 no1-2 Spring 1982

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe vol6 no 1-2 Summer 1983

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe vol8 no5 Summer 1985

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe- Women special issue

Stalinism, Eastern Europe and the IMG: Red Heroines

January 24, 2016


Red HeroinesThe fourth Communism vs Stalinism pamphlet looked at the place of women in the Soviet Union. It was written by Tamara Volkova with a preface by Branka Magas.

The pamphlet was also one of the subjects of a major review article, entitled Red Heroines, by Tariq Ali in the Guardian Women’s section- 27th February 1976.

Of further interest may be the following journals:

Labour Focus on Eastern Europe- special issue on women

and these two magazines / newsletters of the Women in Eastern Europe group which was largely composed of IMG women.

Women In Eastern Europe June 1979 (Newsletter 3)

Women in Eastern Europe no5 Winter 1982-3


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