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Notes for a history of the IMG

October 6, 2015

img_badgeAs Evan Smith notes at Hatful Of History little has been written of the history of the IMG.

We would like to go some way towards remedying this by pulling together sources, from the internet and elsewhere, to supplement the original documents and papers published here.

In the next few days, we will post links to two or three pieces which we think you will find of interest and we invite readers of this blog to point us in the direction of similar material or to contribute guest posts on aspects of IMG history and the individuals involved with it.

We will also be putting together a series of pages carrying links to obituaries of former members and some of their published works. Again, pointers in this direction are always gratefully received.

One Year of Red Weekly

October 8, 2015

One year of Red Weekly, a whole year and I’ve scanned the bloody lot of them*

One Year

*OK not quite, issues 17 and 18 seem to be missing…

Notes for a history of the IMG 1: Pat Jordan and the Nottingham bookshop

October 7, 2015
bobPat Jordan (pictured front, with Bob Purdie behind) was a key figure in the development of International Marxist Group.  We will cover his role in future posts and publish material about the importance of Nottingham in the development of the IMG including Jordan’s bookshop in Dane Street.
The Ozleft website has reproduced this short story which is a semi-fictional account of the Nottingham bookshop
As the introduction explains:
“Bob Gould found the following in a collection of English short stories in box of secondhand books he bought. The title, Trotsky’s Other Son, interested him, and on reading it he found it was a humorous, semi-fictional tribute to Pat Jordan, a longtime British Trotskyist, and to the pioneering period leading up to the left revival in the later 1960s.

The story had an introduction indicating that Carol Singh lived in Derby and was unemployed at the time the story was written. The story is set in the St Ann’s district of Nottingham. This area has been completely rebuilt, but was the city’s worst slum. It was a maze of small, bustling streets.”

The Transitional Program with Harry Wicks intro

October 3, 2015

TPWicksNew in our pamphlets section, this 1979 edition of the Transitional Programme has an introduction by veteran Trotskyist Harry Wicks.

Don’t Die for Thatcher!

October 1, 2015

DontEver topical, we present a Socialist Challenge pamphlet from the early 1980s’ with echoes of today’s debate over Trident!

Don’t Die for Thatcher

Many more IMG and Fourth International pamphlets can be found here

Communist League banned!

September 30, 2015

Com League.1Remember when the French state banned the Ligue Communiste?

This is the solidarity supplement from Red Weekly issue 10

And you will find a number of issues of Red Weekly from the same period here

The Lessons of May 1968 and the Commune Lives! by Ernest Mandel

September 30, 2015

MandelHere’s a classic Mandel pamphlet- Lessons of May 1968 and The Commune Lives!

Check out our Pamphlets page for lots more gems.


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