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International Viewpoint at 500

September 24, 2016

ivlogoThis month International Viewpoint, English language magazine of the Fourth International, celebrates its 500th issue, albeit now as an online only magazine.

IV was first published, as a fortnightly print magazine, in 1982 to replace Intercontinental Press which had itself incorporated the earlier English language version of Inprecor.

We present here a selection of issues of IV:

The first issue, numbered 0!

International Viewpoint issue 0 28th January 1982

The Ernest Mandel obituary special issue

International Viewpoint 269 September 1995

Another special issue which contains documents of the 14th Congress of the Fourth International

International Viewpoint 273 Spring 1996

International Viewpoint 290 another special issue on Europe and the Maastricht Treaty

International Viewpoint 362 from December 2004, the last edition to appear in printed form

We will put up a few more issues soon.


The International Group (1985)

September 22, 2016

internationalAnother little side project – just outside our usual chronological range.

The International Group was a significant split from the International Marxist Group / Socialist League in 1985.

Formerly the largest minority, Faction One, led by Phil Hearse, Dave Packer, Davy Jones, and Bob Pennington, they left after two smaller minorities formed what they regarded as an unprincipled alliance to block them from the leadership of the group.

They published nine issues of “International- A journal of Marxism in the Labour Party” before fusing with the Socialist Group (formerly Workers Socialist League) in 1987 to form the International Socialist Group which then published Socialist Outlook.

The IG / ISG considered itself to be a sympathising section of the Fourth International and became the official section at the 1995 World Congress.

International no1

International no2

International no3

International no4

International no5

International no6

International no7

International no8

International no9

These files are the first ones to link directly from a Dropbox account rather than being directly uploaded to a WordPress account. Let us know if that causes any issues or problems. If it works well, we will pay for an upgraded Dropbox account to store all the files from this site and minimise the risk that they all get lost at some point in the future!

Deja Vu

September 20, 2016

selectAnother thirty copies (126 – 155) of Socialist Challenge brings us up to July 1980,  a year into the first Thatcher government.

We kick off with riots in Bristol, growing unemployment, steel and print workers strikes.

Lambeth becomes the focus of the anti-cuts struggle.

There is civil war in El Salvador, the threat of cruise missiles in Britain and Petr Uhl is in prison.

Revo youth hold a conference, Tariq Ali interviews CLR James, Dave Hudson asks “How militant is Militant?” and Tony Benn challenges for the Labour leadership.

Articles on Labour Party democracy and re-selection of MPs could have been written yesterday…

Here we go….!

September 6, 2016

CorrieI now have a super-fast A3 scanner and it works even better than expected. If anything it is TOO fast and almost doesn’t give me time to turn the pages!

So, I have re-commenced scanning Socialist Challenge and just uploaded 24 issues from 1979- nos 101 to 125.

These cover the counter-revolution in Iran, the funeral of Blair Peach and the start of the anti-cuts fight in Lambeth.

Two major figures on the left- Herbert Marcuse and Nicos Poulantzas- died and have obituaries in the paper. And Trotsky’s 100th birthday is celebrated.

The Nicaraguan Revolution is discussed in detail together with the split of Moreno’s supporters from the Fourth International, in a Battle of Ideas supplement.

Through October 1979 the fight against the Corrie anti-abortion Bill dominates and things  hot up at British Leyland with the sacking of Derek Robinson…



A correction and an apology

September 6, 2016

My recent post on the British followers of Pablo incorrectly identified the Bulletin of Marxist Studies of Chris Arthur and Ken and Marion Tarbuck as a publication of that tendency.

I am happy to correct this.

Chris Arthur writes: “No way were the Tarbucks and I supporters of the Pabloites. We considered ourselves dissident supporters of the USFI, having left the IMG because of the way it was run (in retrospect a foolish thing to do).We were friendly with a couple of Australian Pabloites. But the interest in workers’ control did not lead us to join them.”

The copies of Bulletin of Marxist Studies we have are below (and no longer on the British Pabloism site)

Any information about the actual British Pabloites and, specifically their origins, would be of interest to us…

Bulletin of Marxist Studies v1 no1 Summer 1968

Bulletin of Marxist Studies v1 no2 Autumn 1968

Bulletin of Marxist Studies v1 no3 Winter 1968 – 9

Bulletin of Marxist Studies v1 no4 Spring 1969

Marxist Studies vol1 no5 Autumn 1969

Marxist Studies vol2 no1 Winter 1969 – 70

Marxist Studies vol2 no2 Spring 1970

Marxist Studies vol2 no3 Autumn 1970

Marxist Studies Newsletter no1 April 1970

Marxist Studies Newsletter no3 June July 1970

Workers Control What Next- Tarbuck and Arthur – Bulletin for Marxist Studies pamphlet

The Making Of Revolutionaries- Cadre or Sect- Ken Tarbuck

Nottingham Voice

September 2, 2016


We are indebted to Julian Atkinson for loaning us these five copies of Nottingham Voice. The papers are in a fragile state so it is good to have been able to do a little bit to preserve them for posterity!

Starting in October 1967, Nottingham Voice was a broad Labour movement paper in tabloid format which enjoyed the support of local MPs Trevor Park and George Perry, amongst others. Contributors included a number of supporters of the then International Group, including Julian himself, and the first issue leads on Ken Coates and Bill Silburns landmark survey of poverty in Nottingham.

Nottingham Voice October 1967

Nottingham Voice November 1967

Nottingham Voice December 1967

Nottingham Voice January 1968

Nottingham Voice February 1968

Massive thanks…

September 1, 2016

Blue Peter

To all those who donated to our appeal or who have supported us in other ways- it really is appreciated and I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly the money came in towards a new scanner.

At the time of writing we are very close to our £300 target. The scanner will now be bought and should be in operation very soon. Other than travel and postage, our overheads and running costs are minimal and any excess funds will be put to good use in acquiring new materials to scan and exploring new avenues!

Watch this space…

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