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The IMG Christmas card kit

December 1, 2015

The two Christmas cards here were produced by Central London IMG- date unknown, presumably mid-1970’s.

Card 1 Card 2

We have put the two cards together in a single PDF file here:

Xmas cards

Simply print them out, double sided, onto thin white card. Then cut them out to send to comrades!

Battle of Ideas 6- Elections & Revolution

November 30, 2015

ElectionsBattle Of Ideas, number 6, from March 1977, covered the approach of revolutionaries towards elections.

In the splendidly titled article “Lenin as campaign manager”, US Trotskyist Doug Jenness considered Bolshevik electoral tactics whilst Alan Jones looked at the later tactics of Lenin and Trotsky.

Later that same year, the IMG was to start to form local groups of Socialist Unity as a socialist electoral coalition…

Notes for a history of the IMG 15: Political Positions of the Workers Socialist League

November 29, 2015

Trotskyism TodayWe are reproducing here a document that was circulated within the International Marxist Group and which contains the political positions of the Workers Socialist League.

Political Positions of the Workers Socialist League

It was produced as part of a discussion between the IMG and the WSL aimed at “clarifying the issues involved in the political divisions which have arisen in the world Trotskyist movement since the end of the Second World War.”

The articles date from 1975 and 1976 and include material from the WSL’s theoretical supplement Trotskyism Today (pictured)

Battle Of Ideas 5 – Socialists and the new rise of Scottish nationalism

November 27, 2015

McleanFollowing on from our post on the revolutionary left in Scotland, in Battle of Ideas no 5, Neil Williamson takes an in depth look at the rise of Scottish nationalism.

For coverage of the formation and evolution of the breakaway Scottish Labour Party, led by Jim Sillars, see numbers 134, 136 and subsequent issues of Red Weekly in our newspaper archive section.

Notes for a history of the IMG 14: The Revolutionary Left in Scotland, 1978

November 25, 2015

The history of the IMG in Scotland in the 1970s is an extremely interesting one.  We will return to the debates and discussions surrounding the Scottish Labour Party, launched by Jim Sillars in 1976, in later posts.

Here we publish an important survey of the Revolutionary Left in Scotland, written in 1978. The survey was written by Neil Williamson, a leading member of the IMG who was tragically killed in a car accident later that year.  The survey was written for an external audience and includes interesting information and analysis of the organisation and ideas of the IMG in Scotland at that time.

Neil Williamson’s obituary appeared in Socialist Challenge in the issue dated 26 October 1978.

Neil Williamson Obituary

His role was also recognised by Pierre Frank in “The Long March of the Trotskyists”:

“Neil Williamson, Scottish militant of the International Marxist Group, who played the key role in leading the IMG to understand the new prominence of the national question in Scotland. His funeral after his death at the age of 26 in a car crash in October 1978 was attended by representatives of every significant section of the labour movement, testifying to the enormous respect he had won in ten years of unceasing political activity.”

Portugal, Scotland, Party & Faction… an update

November 25, 2015

A quick update to say that another 21 issues of Red Weekly have now been uploaded taking us to issue 141.

The recent additions cover the Portuguese revolution, the death of Franco, the breakaway Scottish Labour Party, the struggle to defend abortion rights and the “Party and Faction” series of articles.

We hope to complete the run of 200 issues of Red Weekly by the New Year before embarking on a new (socialist) challenge…

Battle Of Ideas 4 – Problems of the Eastern European Revolution

November 24, 2015



Battle of Ideas 4 has as its starting point the strike wave in Poland in 1976 and an article in International Socialism 93 from December of that year entitled “Poland- Crisis of State Capitalism” and takes the form of extended critiques of the theories of State Capitalism and, to a lesser extent, Bureaucratic Collectivism…


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