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International Viewpoint – 1982 to 2004

August 10, 2019

It has taken us a while but we have now scanned a substantial run of International Viewpoint, English language magazine of the USFI.


The magazine ran from issue 0 in 1982 as a fortnightly and later monthly, through to no 362 at the end of 2004 at which point it became the internet-only publication which it remains to this day.


We have scanned around 285 issues working from a partial collection of duplicate issues.

We have all the remaining issues but they are tightly bound and not easy to scan!




Mandelism for beginners…

July 28, 2019

The Socialist Party (ex-Militant) and its international body the CWI have split, with the defectors being accused of petty-bourgeois ‘Mandelism’

Well known Pabloite revisionist Andrew Coates has a very good overview of the split and a useful primer on Ernest Mandel here: Tendance Coatesy


Socialist Woman- a total perspective of women’s liberation…

July 27, 2019

The website RedFlagWalks has a number of writings on the Women’s Liberation Movement including this very detailed overview of Socialist Woman which draws heavily on our files.

The site also has articles on Shrew, Red Rag, Scarlet Woman etc.

The Week- a complete catalogue

July 15, 2019

Thanks to Tom Unterrainer and the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation we can bring you a complete and detailed catalogue of the contents of The Week.

THE WEEK- Catalogue

The Week, at last…

July 9, 2019

week.pngEver since we started this project about ten years ago we have intended eventually to scan a complete run of The Week, the Nottingham based broad movement paper edited by Ken Coates and Robin Blackburn and associalted with the International Group.

Over the years we had accumulated a couple of dozen issues, mainly odds and ends and in relation to other topics, but now we are able to bring you a near complete run of this.

We have just over 200 issues- from Volume 1 number 1 in 1963 through to the last issue in March 1968

As well as the paper, you will find a couple of folders in our archive. One contains various items which appeared as inserts in The Week. These ranged from adverts for other journals or events to The Week’s own leaflets and supplementary material such as business managers reports.

Another folder includes more substantial material such as pamphlets and larger supplements. Here you will find materials from the Centre for Socialist Education, Ken Coates appeals against his expulsion from the Labour Party, the Workers Control Conference and much more besides.


This Week…

July 6, 2019

For the Labour Conference in October 1961 supporters of the journal New Left Review produced a daily bulletin under the title This Week.

This as a substantial undertaking and the bulletins had between 8 and 16 pages covering the previous days events and commenting on ongoing debates.



We have six issues:





On Friday there were two different bulletins so we have called them Friday A and Friday B!

The following year a similar bulletin was issued but we have only one

The similarity between This Week and the later The Week is striking and cannot be simply coincidental…

That Was THE WEEK That Was…

June 15, 2019

Over the next few weeks we will be scanning a complete run of The Week, the duplicated weekly paper of the early International Group / International Marxist Group.

To get you in the mood, here is the index to volume 1


The Week ran from early 1964 through to March 1968, so approximately 200 issues in total plus assorted supplements and pamphlets. If I am kept supplied with biscuits and coffee I should have the collection online in a fortnight.

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