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Surrealist Challenge

May 13, 2016

Surr Cxhall

Issue 88 of Socialist Challenge contained the notorious four page Surrealist Challenge supplement. Whilst it was only published with a disclaimer from the Socialist Challenge editorial board over violent and sexist imagery in some of the ‘automatic texts’ presented, socialist feminists staged an occupation of the Socialist Challenge offices in protest and several letters on the topic appeared in subsequent issues.

Readers wanting to know more about what became of some of the group associated with the Surrealist Challenge supplement might be interested in this short blog post.



Journals and Papers and Bulletins… Oh my!

May 13, 2016

Many thanks to all those of you who have recently offered to scan, lend or donate materials in the last couple of weeks. These include early IG bulletins, a number of later journals and papers to plug some gaps on this site,  IMG conference bulletins from the 1970s and more Irish papers.

I’m looking forward to collecting items from London and Nottingham in the near future.All are gratefully received and most will eventually find their way onto this site.

I’m having a few technical difficulties with uploading at the moment but will put up another half dozen Socialist Challenges over the weekend- including the notorious Surrealist Challenge supplement and also a picture of Arthur Scargill as you have never seen him before…

Below the surface, my scanning of IMG internal bulletins and documents continues and I’ve almost completed the collections I currently have access to. The tally to date is 804 items scanned.

Beyond Wage Slavery: Opening Ken Coates Archive

May 4, 2016

wage-slaveryThis looks rather interesting. I think I’ll try to get along…

Beyond Wage Slavery: Opening Ken Coates Archive

19 May 2016

Is socialism possible? An evening discussion looking at the figure of Ken Coates and his work around industrial democracy, education and socially useful production. Organised with the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation.

6.30pm – 8.30pm

“The Week” and The Labour Party Conference 1967

May 4, 2016

Week“The Week” was generally published using an ink duplicator. For the 1967 Labour Party Conference a special printed edition was produced which included articles by many of those centrally involved with The Week and with the International Group.

We are also linking to The Principal Lessons of Scarborough which was an internal document assessing the outcomes of the conference.

Hugh Lowe 1922 – 2016

May 2, 2016

Hugh LoweThanks to Oliver New for this update: “IMPORTANT – HUGH LOWE’S FUNERAL
We’ve just been informed by his family that Hugh’s funeral will now be at 2.15 pm on Thursday 26 May at West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, Harrow Road, London W10 4RA. (It’s the crematorium, not the cemetery)
Please advise others, thanks.”



Hugh’s funeral will be at 2pm on Monday 23rd May at West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, Harrow Road, London W10 4RA.
Please tell anyone who might like to come.

An obituary and interview with Hugh can be found here:

HUGH LOWE 1922-2016

The General Strike of 1926

May 1, 2016

Gen StrikeIt is ninety years since the start of the General Strike of May 1926.

To mark the occasion, Red Mole Rising is reproducing an article on the lessons of the strike by Mike Holbrook-Jones.

General Strike from International Winter 1976

The article is taken from the Winter 1976 issue of International, the theoretical journal of the International Marxist Group.

The Irish Tragedy: Scotland’s Disgrace

April 30, 2016

Irish Tragedy Cover picThe classic pamphlet The Irish Tragedy Scotland’s Disgrace by the Scottish revolutionary John MacLean was originally published in 1920. This version was produced, in late 1973, by the Central London Anti-Internment League in conjunction with the Troops Out Movement.

Although this is not an IMG pamphlet, it is highly likely that IMG members were involved in its production and possibly writing the postscript.

Those interested in the works of John MacLean can look on the Marxists Internet Archive

For an interesting discussion on aspects of the history of the Troops Out Movement, readers are referred to Jacob Murphy’s blog


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