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Genocide in Vietnam- Hypocrisy in Clapham High Street

April 8, 2018

This little gem appears to be the back page of a bulletin– most probably Vietnam Solidarity Campaign.

The article “Genocide in Vietnam- Hypocrisy in Clapham High Street” is by Bob Purdie and Clapham High Street, of course, refers to the offices of the Socialist Labour League.


On the reverse is a flyer for a filmshow and speakers- Ralph Miliband, Alain Krivine, Keith Veness…



International Socialist Group- “Socialist Outlook” tabloid series 1 and 2

March 29, 2018


A joint post with Splits&Fusions

We posted previously on the International Socialist Group, British Section of the USFI and its magazine Socialist Outlook.

Socialist Outlook magazine was succeeded in 1991 by a tabloid newspaper of the same name which ran for over a decade.

Socialist Outlook tabloid series 1 consists of 111 issues and a number of supplements including “Theory and Practice” and “Liberation” a youth paper.Liber

Where the supplements continue the page number of their ‘host’ paper we have scanned the two as a whole but if the paper has its own numbering we have scanned it separately.

Socialist Outlook tabloid series 2– relaunched in January 1997 this was a more substantial tabloid usually of 20 to 24 pages. It ran for 57 issues until August 2002 at which point the ISG and Socialist Solidarity Movement pooled their resources to bring out a new paper Socialist Resistance…

A Sketch of Ross Dowson

March 28, 2018

Ross.jpgA few years ago we posted about Ross Dowson- a founder of Canadian Trotskyism and the Ross Dowson Archive website.

Sadly, that website now seems to be defunct but we have just been given a copy of a very interesting pamphlet A Sketch of Ross Dowson from 1988 which recounts his early life up until the end of World War 2.


UPDATE: Thanks to Jim F who pointed out the Ross Dowson archive is still available here:

And to David W for giving the link to a mirror on the MIA site!

We need you!

March 13, 2018


Would anyone like to volunteer to compile tables of contents for some of the journals on this site?

In particular it would be useful to produce an index for International.


Please form an orderly queue…

International Marxist Review v2 no3- The Legacy of Antonio Gramsci

March 12, 2018

International Marxist Review v2 no3 Summer 1987 is an interesting issue including articles by Livio Maitan on Gramsci, Paul LeBlanc on Luxemburg and Lenin and Michael Lowy on Liberation Theology…



The Old Mole

March 11, 2018

OldMoleOn one of our recent trawls of the internet, fishing for interesting materials which other people may have uploaded, we found a single issue of The Old Mole- paper of the Revolutionary Marxist Group, sympathizing section of the Fourth International in Canada.

The Old Mole- No16 December 1974

Further information on the founding of the RMG, including articles from earlier Old Moles can be found at the Socialist History Project.

The paper shares its name with an earlier radical paper produced in the US in the late 1960s but is unrelated.


International Marxist Review v2 no2 Spring 1987

February 14, 2018

MR22.1IMR v2 no2 is nearly 150 pages long and has major features on feminism, the Italian workers movement and the crisis in the PLO….


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