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Defend the Cowley 13

January 16, 2017

Another 20 issues of Socialist Action added.

It’s 1983: Thatcher wins a second term in office and one Neil Kinnock assumes the leadership of the Labour Party…


Issue 21 for 18th August breaks the story of the sacking of 13 socialists from the Cowley car plant which is covered extensively in subsequent issues and linked to the unfolding political witch-hunt of the left inside the Labour Party.

Socialist Action Newspaper Archive

Socialist Action!

January 12, 2017


Shaking off the New Year lethargy, I’ve started to scan Socialist Action tabloid. Starting with issue 1, 18th March 1983, Socialist Action ran for 180 issues. Weekly at first it later became fortnightly and ended its run in may 1988 as a monthly.

sclv-jcThe paper was strongly focussed on activity in the Labour Party and featured regular contributions from key figures on the Labour left. This piece by one Jeremy Corbyn is from Socialist Action no1. I wonder what became of him?

I am told the paper is fondly remembered for its garish cover colour schemes and logo based on the Polish Solidarnosc one, both of which divided opinion like Marmite.

The first ten issues of Socialist Action can be found here:

Socialist Action newspaper archive


Something for the New Year…

January 1, 2017

Not directly IMG/FI related, but this ‘Womens Voice’ calendar will be of interest to our readers….


(click image for a downloadable PDF file)

Note that 1978 and 2017 both start on a Sunday so you could even print it out and use it this year.

Later in the year we will be publishing a very nearly complete archive of Womens Voice- series 1 and 2. Watch this space.

50 years ago today…

January 1, 2017

Here are the IMG Steering Committee (click link for full document) minutes from a meeting held on 1st January 1967!


Whilst the IMG conference on 28/29 January 1967 is in many ways the founding conference of the IMG, and is treated that way by Ernie Tate in his book, the name IMG is used prior to that. Mike Martinsays the name was adopted in November 1966.

We have many of the January 1967 conference documents and will do a post on it soon.


Happy 2017!

January 1, 2017


International Socialist Group – Socialist Outlook

December 31, 2016

SO1.pngA few months ago we posted a short piece about the International Group founded in 1985 and, more recently, our sister site Splits&Fusions posted about the Socialist Group which was formed by Alan Thornett, John Lister and others who had been in the Workers Socialist League.

After a period of working together, and an extended fusion process, the two groups came together to form the International Socialist Group and established the magazine Socialist Outlook.

Our collection of Socialist Outlook magazine, which ran for at least 30 issues, can be found here:

Socialist Outlook / ISG files

Thanks are due to Steve G, Keith W and Keith S for providing me with a full collection of Socialist Outlook magazines!


Festive Salutations from Red Mole Rising

December 25, 2016

songsComrades, if you are celebrating today, you might find this book of Songs Of Revolutionary Struggle from South West London IMG will help things along.

We will be raising a glass to Alan Rae and to other comrades to whom we said goodbye in 2016.

Have a good one.

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