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Hail to the chief!

April 4, 2020

It is quite a few years since we took a look at the British Pabloite groupings and their publications, including the nicely produced magazine from the mid-1980s “Socialist Alternatives”.

This, of course, was the magazine which a young Keir Starmer helped to edit and produce as a member of the group Socialist Self-Management.


Now our friend Derek Wall is able to flesh out some more details…

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist



Peoples Democracy election leaflets- 1981 Irish General Election

April 4, 2020

Here we have two Peoples Democracy Leaflets from the 1981 Irish General Election.

Bernadette McAliskey contested the Dublin North Central seat.

Vincent Doherty stood in the same election on the slogan “Make The H-Blocks The Issue” with the endorsement of McAliskey.


Thanks to Niall M for these and other PD documents which we will post very soon.



Moudiewart and the other Scottish Socialist Party…

April 2, 2020

Wikipedia tells us that there have been at least four organisations going under the name of Scottish Socialist Party.

A full decade before the founding of the party which currently has this name, a left breakaway from the Scottish National Party, led by Bill Kidd, joined with a group of Labour Party members, including former Edinburgh councillors and Labour group leader Alex Wood, to form the Scottish Socialist Movement. A year later in 1988, the SSM became the SSP.

The SSP was always small- by its own admission it had fewer than 60 members, one of whom was the late Scottish historian James D Young- and short lived, with many members returning to the SNP after a couple of years.

Whilst Wood himself had been East of Scotland organiser for Militant, there is little evidence of a substantial or organised Trotskyist presence within the SSP. However, their magazine Socialist Scotland carried a regular column by ‘Moudiewart’ who used a modified version of the IMG Red Mole logo.

We are uncertain who ‘Moudiewart’ was but the best guess would be Ed Robertson, a former IMGer whose name indeed appears as part of the Socialist Scotland editorial team…

We have all four issues of Socialist Scotland magazine and one copy of the SSP newsletter:




Thanks to Keith W for supplying us with the magazines and to Big Tam for further information and detective work.

Other comrades may wish to add comments below…

The Communist League (Pathfinder Tendency)

April 1, 2020

miliRedMoleRising has covered the two main organisations which came out of the break up of the IMG / Socialist League- the International (later International Socialist) Group and Socialist Action.

We now take a look at the third faction- supporters of the line of the US SWP  which was later to move ever further from alignment with the Fourth International and key tenets of Trotskyism. In the mid-1980s it was the alliance of this tendency with the group around John Ross- both minorities- which blocked the larger tendency (the proto International Group) from the leadership.

The alliance between these two groups broke down in early 1988 and the Communist League was born.

Volume 52 Issue 9 of the US Militant newspaper for March 4th 1988 carries an International Socialist Review supplement which covers extensively the CL’s founding conference attended by 160 delegates and observers.


In this paper an article explains why the group chose at first to sell the American newspaper, and the theoretical journal New International rather than produce its own literature.

Brian Grogan further explained that the new group would “go through a series of experiences in the next months before launching (a paper) around a convention at the end of the year.”

After years of painstaking work we have managed to piece together just about the whole of the UK Communist League’s literary output over the past 30 or more years:


Socialist Republic- four issues from 1981

March 31, 2020

UPDATED 3rd April- full issue of v4 no3 now available plus v3 no3

Thanks to Niall Meehan for sending us these files…

Four Socialist Republic editions for 1981:

Vol4 no1 leads with attempt on life of Bernadette McAliskey and the following issue also covers the story.


Vol4 no3 is incomplete- we have only the front page and the two centre pages.


However, this is an important issue leading on Bobby Sands election victory and also explaining the Peoples Democracy decision to run Fergus O’Hare and John McAnulty against Gerry Fitt and Paddy Devlin.


Vol4 no7 for August 81 is a 12 page issue, with wide-ranging content, leading on prisoner support and including the riots in Britain, the women’s movement and Cuba.


All our issues of Socialist Republic can be found here:


Documents of the World Congress- IMR no 11-12

March 30, 2020

This is the biggie- International Marxist review double issue no11-12, Summer 1991- which carries the texts of the 13th World Congress of the Fourth International.

We have split the file into four parts as the total runs to 270 pages.

Part one

Resolutions on international situation and Soviet Union.

Part two

Resolutions on Latin America, women in Latin America and capitalism in Europe.

Part three

Resolutions on womens’ liberation and on ecology.

Part four

Resolutions and contributions by minority tendencies and the draft manifesto of the Fourth International.

International Marxist Review v5 no1- Central America Today

March 29, 2020

IMR v5 no1 from 1990 is a 146 page issue with major articles on Central America, the environment and more on the national question- in Ireland and the Spanish state.


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