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Founding the VSC

April 10, 2019

Many thanks to Staffan Lindhe for providing these copies of documents relating to the founding of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign in 1966…


Firstly we have greetings to the conference from Belgium, Switzerland and Italy

The statement of aims adopted by the VSC was not to everyone’s liking and some groups walked out of the founding conference denouncing it as a Trotskyist front. Here are a couple of documents putting that view: Concerning the VSC and True Solidarity or Sham Solidarity.

Then we have couple of leaflets What is the VSC and For A Lasting Peace, the former came with a covering letter inviting supporters to order publications.

Finally a short, undated note from Pat Jordan tells us about the proposal of Bertrand Russell to set up a war crimes tribunal….


Lennon’s links

March 16, 2019

Whilst John Lennon’s links with the IMG for a brief period in the early 1970s are well known, allegedly he was also giving money to the WRP at the same time…

Interesting article from the Sunday Times, February 20, 2000.

Lennon article.1

Lennon article.2

World Trotskyism Today

February 21, 2019

Spart“Stalinists everywhere thought that they had eliminated Trotskyism with purge trials and bullets in the 1930s. But the 1960s and early 70s have been marked by a resurgence of the Trotskyist movment all over the world: once again the Stalinists are forced to engage the Trotskyist movement in debate, but this time the Stalinists are not capable of finishing the debate by force.”

This nice pamphlet is published by York Spartacus League– youth section of the IMG- which dates it to 1971 or 1972.

It is a reprint of an Ernest Mandel contribution to a debate with Monty Johnstone of the CPGB.


Thanks to Martin Eady for sending us this.

Comrade Eady was responsible for inspiring this Blog and archive, nearly a decade ago, when he gave me his extensive collection of IMG paper.

Socialist Resistance tabloid

February 9, 2019

SRLaunched in September 2002, Socialist Resistance was a joint venture between the International Socialist Group– British Section of the Fourth International and the Socialist Solidarity Network– a group of former members of the Socialist Party, together with a number of individuals, all of whom were then working within the umbrella of the Socialist Alliance.

As the SSN later absorbed the Socialist Democracy Group, Socialist Resistance represented a partial regroupment project although it was not itself identified as an ‘official’ FI paper (the ISG continued at this time to produce Socialist Outlook in magazine format).

The politics of Socialist Resistance were strongly pro-Socialist Alliance and favoured turning the SA into a party along the lines of the Scottish Socialist Party.

Later Socialist Resistance supporters were active in the Respect Coalition and, when Respect split in 2007 SR used its resources to produce a newspaper for the Respect Renewal wing, with the SR tabloid giving way to a magazine of the same name…

We have all 49 issues of Socialist Resistance tabloid- a substantial publication of 24 or 28 pages- plus two supplements or special isssues pruduced for the European Social Forum- one in conjunction with the French LCR. The centre pages of early issues include pull-out ‘youth’ sections.

Many thanks to John L for supplying a good number of these files in the form of the original PDFs and thus saving me a huge scanning job.


“Europe- Horizon 1992” – International Marxist Review

February 7, 2019

This seems topical!

International Marxist Review vol4 no1 Spring 1989 leads with Pierre Bron on European integration and also features articles by Ernest Mandel, Claude Gabriel, Livio Maitan, Penny Duggan and Catherine Verla…



Documenting the Marxist Worker Group

February 2, 2019

MWG leafletOne of the high points of 2018 (and there were many) was making contact with and then visiting former members of the Bolton based Marxist Workers Group of the mid to late 1970s.

This small group had long been a footnote in British Trotskyist history with little to nothing written about it that we were able to find.

We are now in a position to remedy that situation and bring you a substantial collection of MWG documents to flesh out the overview provided by Neil D.

We will start with the group’s journal Marxist Worker. We have four issues- all un-numbered and undated – and a few miscellaneous pages which indicate that more issues were actually produced- possibly as many as a dozen, and on a monthly basis…

The group also produced pamphlets, leaflets, bulletins and a number of open letters to other left groupings.

As detailed elsewhere, from its earliest days, having come out of the Workers Fight group Democratic Centralist Faction, the MWG had an orientation towards fusion with other groups. One such early prospective partner was the Revolutionary Marxist Current and we have a number of MWG discussion documents and internal bulletins relating to this (failed) fusion.

Later the fusion of the MWG with the International Marxist Group was more successful, building to an extent on joint work around the Socialist Unity initiative which saw two MWG members stand as SU candidates

It is interesting to note that whilst localised in the North-West with a branch in Bolton and later one in Leigh, the MWG was for a time the largest far-left grouping in Bolton- as a result of its own origins as a branch of Workers Fight, and Workers Fights own relative strength in that area when, as the Trotskyist Tendency, it left the International Socialists…

The MWG was active on a number of fronts- in anti-fascist work, Irish solidarity, the womens movement, anti-cuts campaigning and electoral work. Its members were also central to a radical theatre group Grassroots which published an ostensibly monthly journal of its own, of which we have one issue…





February 2, 2019

RevisionismHere is a nice item from the Healyites: The Theory and Practice of Revisionism by Mike Banda- a political examination of the IMG and Red Mole.

Originally serialised in the SLL daily paper Workers Press, in seven parts October 1971.


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