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Black Dwarf- The elusive issue 4…

March 9, 2017

For quite some time we had been looking for a copy of the fourth issue of Black Dwarf– (actually Volume 13 No 4 in the arcane numbering of BD)


I had a little confusion as to the status of the Che Guevara special– which consisted of a printing of his Bolivian Diaries- and wondered whether that might be issue 4. However, that was too late- Autumn 68 whereas issue 4 had to be August.

So, now I have found a copy- purchased on Ebay for a modest sum- and you can see a scan of it at the link above.

The paper is notable for a centre page spread printing of a BBC script “Cause For Concern” which the police had tried to suppress.

Like other early Black Dwarfs, it is an 8 page paper in broadsheet format ie very large pages. That means I have had to scan each page twice- top and bottom, and piece the scans together. Not ideal, of course, but you will be pleased to hear that there is a project in the offing, not run by us, which will eventually see all the Black Dwarfs re-scanned at high resolution, including the larger ones on a broadsheet scanner.

International Womens Day 2- Womens Voice Archive

March 8, 2017

WVcover.pngPresenting the Womens Voice magazine archive!

It started as a bit of a side project. As I began collecting copies of the IMG womens magazine Socialist Woman, I also came across copies of the IS/SWP magazine Womens Voice, which I scanned for the purposes of comparison. The first of these came my way courtesy of Tina Pamplin, then, later, Jan Brooker donated his substantial collection of issues from Womens Voice series 2.

Subsequently, we were able to work with John Rudge to fill in most of the gaps.

At the 11th hour Julian Vaughan was able to track down the one remaining missing issue at the Feminist Library so we can now present a complete collection of the first and second series of WV- 100 issues in total.



International Womens Day 1-Womens Liberation tote bags!

March 8, 2017

That’s right- the famous IMG / Socialist Woman “No revolution without womens liberation…” poster is now available on a tote bag.

The essential fashion item for anti-Trump demonstrations…DSCF6012.JPG

They are transfer printed onto an unbleached cotton bag and cost just £5 each including UK postage.

Here is a handy Paypal payment link!

We have a very small quantity available now but will be able to produce more to order if there is demand.

Loads more pamphlets- and a site reorganisation

February 23, 2017

We have uploaded loads more IMG pamphlets so, rather than saying anything about them at this stage, I will simply list their titles below and you can find them in the pamphlets section.

I am also in the laborious process of re-organising the pamphlets section (and later the papers and journals sections) to make them easier to navigate (hopefully) and to bring all my scanned files into one place and in logical order.

So, under “Pamphlets & Bulletins” you will now find folders for IMG pamphlets, Red Weekly, Socialist Challenge, Socialist Action pamphlets, local group pamphlets and bulletins and miscellaneous!

Trust me, it makes sense!

These are the new items in the IMG Pamphlets file:

Class Nature of the Workers States

Defend the Right to Work

Meaning of the Miners Strike

Theories of Workers Control

Socialist Policy for the Trade unions

After the Miners Strike, What Next?

British Troops Out Now

Dynamics of World Revolution Today

In Defense of the Portuguese Revolution

Portugal The Fight For Workers Power

Proposed Statutes of the FI

Reorganisation of the Party- Lenin

Shrewsbury, Repression and Class Struggle- 2nd Edition

Socialism and Man- Guevara

Teachers Salaries, the Way Forward

The Fight For Control

Unemployment- A Weapon of Capitalism

Lancaster IMG- What Is The IMG?

York IMG- The Rents Bill

IMG Teachers- Education Cuts and the Crisis


Some interesting badges…

February 19, 2017

Many thanks to Mike for donating his collection of political badges!

First off, here is the exquisite Fourth International enamel badge. It’s tiny- seen here next to a 1p piece so you can see just how small.

badges-4 Read more…

A bit of shared history

February 18, 2017

Red Mole Rising readers may be interested in some recent postings on our sister site Splits&Fusions looking at the early days of British Trotskyism:

The Communist (1932-3) – journal of the British Section of the Left Opposition ie the Balham Group

The Red Flag– agitational paper of the Communist League from 1933 – 1937

Fight- For The Fourth International-1936-1938 paper of the Marxist League of CLR James and later the Revolutionary Socialist League

And, slightly more recent(!) a large number of copies of Socialist Outlook paper associated with Gerry Healy’s Club in the late 1940s early 1950s.

Time for a quick update…

February 18, 2017

SA 100.jpgThose of you who check our Socialist Action Newpaper folder regularly will note that we hit issue 100 a short while ago! That takes us through the bitter period of the miners’ strike and out the other side.

Despite the growing internal tensions within the Socialist League / Socialist Action at that time, there was little evidence of this in the paper and the group threw itself wholeheartedly into the miners’ struggle.

Socialist Action continued as a tabloid newspaper for at least a further 80 issues up until late 1988 and we will scan those in due course.


Meanwhile, we have a number of items lined up for posting in the near future including Socialist Students Alliance materials, Revolution Youth, Socialist Challenge and Socialist Action pamphlets and a whole batch of 1970s IMG pamphlets.

Watch this space!

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