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Pete Cresswell and the Liverpool Senate House occupation, 1970

December 9, 2016

We were delighted to read in the Guardian that Pete Cresswell, expelled for his role in guardian-10-3-70-crop1.jpgthe occupation of Liverpool University Senate House, in protest at the racist Chancellor, is to get his degree 46 years later!

The full story of the occupation and its aftermath, together with some great photos, can be read in great detail on this superb site:

We salute Pete and the rest of the Ten!



Saor Eire and the raid on the Royal Bank in Dublin

December 8, 2016

In a previous post we featured the major article on Peter Graham in an issue of the Irish news magazine This Week.

Mick Healy has sent us another article from this magazine.

This time from April 1970 and covering the Saor Eire robbery of £2,000 from the Royal Bank, Arran Quay, Dublin and the death of Garda Richard Fallon.     thumbnail_Interior of Royal Bank. Arran Quay.jpg

Announcing… Splits & Fusions

December 5, 2016

the_fourth_international_by_commandantcrossSplits and Fusions is a new venture, a spin-off from this website, where we will host materials from other groups  within the British Trotskyist movement (in its widest sense).

Each post will focus on one group, with links to all the materials we hold.

This will include groups and publications from the early days of the movement in the 1920s and 30s through to the present day but with an emphasis on some of the lesser known ones and those without an existing archive.

The site will aim to promote a discussion about the history of Trotskyism in Britain and will support Barry Buitekant in his mammoth task of preparing a bibliography of Trotskyist publications. It will also rely heavily on his huge collection of materials.

The publications featured will be shared with the Marxist Internet Archive / Encyclopedia of Trotskyism Online.

We will not routinely flag up posts on Splits and Fusions here except where they have a direct or indirect connection to the IMG or the FI, but you will be able to see links to recent posts in the right hand column of this Blog.

As ever, loans and donations of material are very welcome.


Liam Daltun a man of great charm and knowledge 1936-72.

December 2, 2016

In our recent post on Peter Graham, Barry mentioned Liam Daltun, Peter’s comrade who died in 1972. We are pleased to repost here an article about Liam from the Irish Republican Marxist History Project.

Liam Daltun 1.JPGWriting about the great events in Ireland (1913 Lockout-1916 Rising) Lenin described the Citizens Army as ‘the first Red Army in the World’ and remarked that the Irish workers had set an example for workers everywhere.  Within a little more than a year of the events of the 1916 Rising a ‘similar body of armed men’ in Russia shook the World. Russian workers carrying rifles and wearing scarlet armbands appeared on the streets of Petersburg and Moscow. Under the leadership of Lenin and Trotsky the insurrectionary seizure of power was organised which led to the founding of the first Workers State. – Liam Daltun, The Irish Militant 2nd edition May 1966.                                            

 Liam Daltun was born in February 1936 in Co, Westmeath and moved with his family  to  Ballymun, Dublin in the 1950s. Daltun’s first employment, for about two years, was in Gael Linn, an organisation founded to foster the Irish language. He spoke Irish with a perfection rarely found outside of the Gaaeltacht. Dalton was a particularly gifted linguist and also spoke French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Read more…

Towards “Socialist Action”- Socialist Challenge issues 251 – 283

December 1, 2016

s-challenge-finalRecently uploaded to the archive section, issues 251-283 of Socialist Challenge, covering the period June 1982 to March 1983 and completing our collection of that title.

The final issue leads on Labour’s defeat in the Bermondsey by-election and pins the blame squarely on the Labour right-wing’s sabotage.

After a one-week break, Socialist Challenge would be re-born as Socialist Action.

S Action paper.jpg

Watch this space!



More on the death of Peter Graham

November 28, 2016

pg-coverThanks to Barry Buitekant for supplying this copy of “This Week”, a mainstream news magazine, from November 1971 which leads on the story of the murder of Peter Graham.

Barry writes “I first met Peter Graham IIRC in 1969 when several of us formed the London group of the Trotskyist Tendency of the IS group. Other members were Liam Dalton and Gerry Roche both long standing Trotskyists from Ireland. Liam later died falling from a railway bridge in north London. The other member was John Maynard who like me had previously been a member of the Socialist Labour League.

I left the Trotskyist Tendency and IS in 1970. Later when I went to the IMG bookshop in Londons Pentonville Road I found Peter working there as he had joined them. He was very friendly and tried to recruit me into the IMG. He failed. With the passage of so many years I can’t remember the reasons he gave me leaving the Trotskyist Tendency and for his joining the IMG. It came as a considerable shock to me when later I found out that he had been murdered in Ireland.

I can still vividly recall the last time I saw him when we discussed the history of the Trotskyist movement and the way forward. He had a great deal to give to the movement but cruelly his murder cut this short.”

Against Thatcher’s war drive- Socialist Challenge 226 – 250

November 24, 2016

Issues 226 – 250 of Socialist Challenge take us to the middle of 1982 and war in the South Atlantic.

Even before the conflict, Socialist Challenge was campaigning against the growing militarism of the Reagan and Thatcher regimes and throughout the Malvinas war, despite the difficult circumstances, it maintained a position of outright opposition to British imperialism.


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