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Some interesting badges…

February 19, 2017

Many thanks to Mike for donating his collection of political badges!

First off, here is the exquisite Fourth International enamel badge. It’s tiny- seen here next to a 1p piece so you can see just how small.

badges-4 Read more…

A bit of shared history

February 18, 2017

Red Mole Rising readers may be interested in some recent postings on our sister site Splits&Fusions looking at the early days of British Trotskyism:

The Communist (1932-3) – journal of the British Section of the Left Opposition ie the Balham Group

The Red Flag– agitational paper of the Communist League from 1933 – 1937

Fight- For The Fourth International-1936-1938 paper of the Marxist League of CLR James and later the Revolutionary Socialist League

And, slightly more recent(!) a large number of copies of Socialist Outlook paper associated with Gerry Healy’s Club in the late 1940s early 1950s.

Time for a quick update…

February 18, 2017

SA 100.jpgThose of you who check our Socialist Action Newpaper folder regularly will note that we hit issue 100 a short while ago! That takes us through the bitter period of the miners’ strike and out the other side.

Despite the growing internal tensions within the Socialist League / Socialist Action at that time, there was little evidence of this in the paper and the group threw itself wholeheartedly into the miners’ struggle.

Socialist Action continued as a tabloid newspaper for at least a further 80 issues up until late 1988 and we will scan those in due course.


Meanwhile, we have a number of items lined up for posting in the near future including Socialist Students Alliance materials, Revolution Youth, Socialist Challenge and Socialist Action pamphlets and a whole batch of 1970s IMG pamphlets.

Watch this space!

Peter Graham- A Revolutionary Militant

February 11, 2017


Peter Graham a Revolutionary Militant.

By Mick Healy

“In 1966 we in Ireland celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rebellion (1916). The writings of James Connolly, which prior to then had been read little, and then only by the older hands’, began to be read more widely. The younger generation found through his writings that he was not quite as the Christian Brothers in school taught – “only the 7th leader’ of 1916.” They found in his writings Connolly the revolutionary, the worker, the union organiser and Marxist”. Peter Graham Workers Fight, June 1968.

Comrades who have read about the Irish Revolution know something about the contributions made by Nora Connolly O’Brien , Michael Davitt, Liam Mellows and Frank Ryan, but many do not understand the important contributions made by another, lesser-known Revolutionary Marxist Peter Graham. Peter came from 46 Reginald Street in the Liberties of Dublin and attended Bolton St, College of Technology. Working as an electrician in CIE he was a shop- steward for the Electrical Trade Union. He joined the Labour Party and later joined the Communist Party, before becoming involved with the League for a Workers’ Republic, an organisation openly declaring itself Trotskyist. Read more…

Lesbians & Gays Support The Miners

January 30, 2017

From Socialist Action 78, 16th November 1984


1967 and all that

January 28, 2017

50Fifty years ago, today, what was, in effect, the founding conference of the International Marxist Group started in the ballroom of the Albert Hotel in Nottingham.

The conference was held over two days and was described in one conference document as being “in a certain sense…the launching of our group on a national scale.”
The account of the IMG in this period, in Ernie Tate’s Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s & 60s. Volume 2. Britain 1965 – 1970, is essential reading and covers the 28-29 January 1967 conference which we focus on here.

We present here some of the conference documents:
Britain 1967: The Need for a Transitional Programme
Perspectives 1967 by Kork (Ken Coates)
The Politics of Organisation by John Walters (Ken Tarbuck) which is a response to IMG Organisational Report October 1966
Draft Resolution on the Group and the Fourth International
International Marxist Group Draft Constitution and suggested amendments from Ken Tarbuck.

Peter Graham Memorial Meeting

January 24, 2017


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