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Fancy a pint, comrade?

October 16, 2017

October 1968- A competitive pubcrawl to celebrate Karl’s 150th birthday- organised by South West London Vietnam Ad-Hoc Committee and believed to be the brain-child of one Al Richardson.

This is ticket no82. Posterity does not record who won, nor what the unique prize was…

*Update* As you will see from the comments below, the prize was Lenin’s door knocker and the winner was Peter O’Toole!!


Thank you for your patience!

October 16, 2017

Defend.pngSo, at long last I have now scanned all the copies of the public press of the IMG and its descendents which I can lay my hands on. It has taken me 7 years, on and off, I think!

This morning I finished off the last 20 or so issues of Socialist Action tabloid bringing us through the period in which the left was on the defensive in the face of Kinnock’s witch-hunt and the Socialist League / Socialist Action faced internal upheaval. We have already looked at the group which became the International Group in 1985 but, in early 1988, the co-thinkers of the US SWP also split from Socialist Action.

This appears to have dealt a mortal blow to the hopes of SA continuing as a paper and, according to Lubitz, issue 181 was the last one in tabloid format. However, our collection ends with issue 180. If any comrade does have Socialist Action no181, we would very much like to borrow it for scanning.


*Update* By the marvellous power of the internet, Comrade Keith S brings you the ‘missing’ issue 181

Thanks to the Bogeyman!

October 4, 2017

Thanks to Tariq Ali for donating a large box of papers, documents and ephemera, which I’m currently sifting through.

The material will form the basis of a number of future posts on Red Mole Rising.

To whet your appetite, here is an article from 1981, which speaks for itself and has contemporary resonances:


And here is an easy-to-read PDF of the article


League for Socialist Action- an update

August 31, 2017

TPMany thanks to Pauline Roberts for supplying us with a number of pamphlets and educational bulletins from the League for Socialist Action of which she, and her late husband Tony Roberts, were leading members.

The pamphlets include  LSA – What We Stand For and EEC Does It Matter? by former IMG veteran Pat Brain who died last year.

Additionally there are six Socialist Action Educational Pamphlets covering 1980 perspectives, single issue campaigns and the Transitional Programme, amongst other topics.

Any further documents gratefully received!

Also posted of Splits&Fusions

Land or Death: The case of Hugo Blanco

August 11, 2017

The third of our offerings from Socialist Current which should be of interest is their (re)printing of a pamphlet Land or Death The Case of Hugo Blanco issued by the British Committee for Solidarity with the Victims of Repression in Peru…


It was a great privilege for me to meet Hugo Blanco a few years ago when he did a tour of Britain sponsored by Socialist Resistance and Green Left.

A letter to the editor…

August 10, 2017

SCFurther to yesterday’s posting of a review of the 1956 “Why We Left The CP” pamphlet, we find in the very next issue- Socialist Current v2 no3 March 1957 a letter from Pat Jordan urging Socialist Current supporters to get involved with setting up local socialist discussion forums.

It is on page 14 with an editorial board reply on page 15.

Why They Left The Communist Party

August 9, 2017

I have been busy of late scanning copies of the Socialist Current magazine from the 1950s and 60s. The fruits of this labour will appear shortly on the Splits and Fusions site.

Just this morning I came across a very interesting short piece in Socialist Current vol2 no2 for February 1957, a review of the “Why We Left The CP” pamphlet which can be considered a founding document of the tendency which was to become the International Group…

SC review

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