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The Gyroscope- What was the Personal / Political Group?

October 17, 2018

GyroscopeWe have an issue of a bulletin titled News From the Gyroscope and subtitled “Another Newsletter (Sort-of-Thing) from, to, and on behalf of the people who, until now have sometimes been called ‘The Personal / Political Grouping’ “

It is dated March 1977 and appears to be the work of people in, around or formerly members of the IMG.

Letters show that it had discussions / relations with the (exIMG) Revolutionary Marxist Current and with a grouping within the IMG called “Current X”

“Current X” itself was involved with the cultural magazine Wedge of which we have a couple of copies on the scanning pile…

Any further info would be welcomed…



1968- Dany’s reading tips

October 13, 2018

Daniel Cohn-Bendit suggests a few books…

BBooks behind barricadesBCohn Bendit

But don’t buy them from Collett’s…

BCollets strike

1968- Students In Revolt- Mutual inspiration

October 12, 2018

BStudents in revolt.1BStudents in revolt.2

1968- Students In Revolt- Radical babies

October 11, 2018

Great picture of the young Tariq Ali…

1968- Students In Revolt- Guevara

October 10, 2018

Another cutting from Bruce Robinson’s collection.

Students discover Che Guevara…

Bsstudents rev.1Bsstudents rev.2

Documents on the Tate Affair

September 15, 2018

Tate“This bulletin provides members with all the documentary material relating to the provocation by Ernest Tate, agent in Britain of the United Secretariat (Pabloites)… Tate has tried to whip up a campaign of slander against the SLL… and Comrade Gerry Healy.”

A half century after Ernie Tate was viciously beaten by Healy’s thugs we can bring you their side of the story in the form of a Socialist Labour League Internal Bulletin- Documents on the Tate Affair.

The Bulletin largely comprises a series of exchanges of letters between Ernie Tate, the FI, the US SWP, the SLL, Mr Thomas Gerard Healy and his solicitors.

Oddly, given the framing of the documents with Cliff Slaughter’s introductory comments it is the Healyites who come off badly in any reading of these documents.



Scottish Socialist at the STUC Conference 1977

September 12, 2018

Scotsoc.pngAnd here are the daily bulletins for the following year’s STUC Conference- this time under the masthead of Scottish Socialist…






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