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The Red Mole resurfaces! UPDATED

August 22, 2010

UPDATE full scan now uploaded!

The Red Mole was a Marxist newspaper which ran from March 1970 to April 1973.

My collection begins with Volume 2 no 3, 1st – 15th February 1971 (cover price 1/6). The first thing which struck me about this paper was the quality. It is printed on good quality, almost shiny paper which makes the huge red pillar box on the cover really stand out. No headline, just a little plaque contrasting Heath’s wages with a postman’s take home pay.

Inside the first editorial focusses on the war in Vietnam- a key issue for the left as a whole but the IMG in particular at the time and the second on the postal workers.

Page 3 is on the development of the Spartacus League– a youth organisation in solidarity with the IMG and the Fourth International- since its conference a year ago. The article describes a trebling in SL membership and lays out future perspectives.

An article on the SinnFein conference is followed by an interview with John Potter of the Pilkington rank and file committee on their ongoing dispute.

The centre spread is on the Postal Workers struggle and includes a long article on the role of the press against the strikers.

Page 8 is a reprint of an article on South Africa taken from the US journal Southern Africa. This is followed by an analysis of the Chilean situation following Allendes victory in the presidential elections…

Under the heading Labour History, a full page recounting of Red Clydeside follows and the issue is rounded off by Robin Blackburn’s back-page polemic against IS (International Socialists) on the nature of the Cuban revolution.

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