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First Steps Towards a Scottish Workers Republic? UPDATED

September 10, 2010

UPDATED Full scan now here

Vol 2 issue 13 for 15th July 1971 again features the UCS occupations on Clydeside with a front cover and a four page supplement.

Key articles also cover Vietnam- a piece from US SWP member George Novack, and the Israeli Socialist Organisation Matzpen.

A critical review of the controversial Little Red SchoolBook also links nicely with the back page- a full page ad for the Elastic Oz Band single (written by John and Yoko) – a benefit for the OZ magazine obscenity trial.

Last but not least, the letters page addresses Irish republicanism and the recent struggles at Lancaster University. The same page also invites us to plumb the depths of 1970s political fashion with a Red Mole t-shirt. Can I be alone in thinking that the Red Mole logo resembles nothing so much as an animated scrotum…?

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