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Ireland, Oz and a bit more Lennon- UPDATED

September 16, 2010

Updated- full scan now uploaded

Issue 27 1st September 1971

Ireland continues to dominate the Mole with another double page centre spread, a back page polemic against the rest of the Left on the issue of armed struggle and the front cover itself.

However, it seems that page two, an article by Tariq Ali on the dollar crisis, with the Red Mole masthead may have been intended as an alternate front cover. This page heralds a change in the numbering policy of Red Mole away from the convention of volume and issue to a straightforward ‘issue 27’.

At the same time, Red Mole moves from a 12 page to a 16 page paper.

Other articles include major pieces on unemployment, the UCS work-in and international coverage of Bengal, Ceylon, Yugoslavia…

A short piece headed ‘Repression’, about the verdict in the OZ trial, is accompanied by the now famous photograph of Yoko Ono and John Lennon with John carrying a copy of Red Mole across his chest in classic ‘paper-seller’ mode!

Some discussion of this photo and of the relationship of JL to Tariq Ali, Robin Blackburn and the IMG can be found here:

and here:

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