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Notes for a history of the IMG 3: Pat Jordan on Aspects of the history of the IMG

October 14, 2015

Fusion Aspects of the history of the International Marxist Group
The document featured here is essential reading for anyone interested in the pre and early history of the International Marxist Group (IMG). This was an internal document prepared for the May 1972 Fusion Conference of the IMG with the youth organisation Spartacus League. We shall return to the issues surrounding that fusion in later posts.

It was written by Pat Jordan and appeared over his party name of Peter Peterson. Pat was a key figure in the development of the IMG. He died in 2001.

We have reproduced the original bulletin in full.
For those unfamiliar with the life of Pat Jordan, there are obituaries by Tony Southall and Steve Cohen


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  1. BigTam permalink
    October 15, 2015 1:08 pm

    For avoidance of doubt or confusion, the IMG’s youth organisation was the Spartacus League, NOT the Spartacist League – a horse of an entirely different colour. Some of us can still remember its founding conference, with the Canadian Trotskyist Ross Dowson giving us, in his Jimmy Durante-style accent the slogan Long Live Da Spoidigus League!


  1. Reminiscences of a Some-time Trotskyist by Ken Tarbuck | Red Mole Rising
  2. Towards “Militant”- the 1950s RSL – Splits and Fusions

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