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Notes for a history of the IMG 5: Perspectives for the 1972 Conference

October 19, 2015

220px-Logo_of_the_Fourth_International.svgWe have previously highlighted the excellent work of The Marxist Internet Archive

Our latest link is to the document below which is reproduced as part of their Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism Online:
No. 3, October 1972 , SWP Internal Information Bulletin:
Perspectives Document, (International Marxist Group/ Spartacus League Fusion Conference), submitted by A. Jones and C. Howard p. 3
Tasks And Perspectives Of the IMG, submitted by the Tendency p. 67

The document is an internal bulletin of the American Socialist Workers Party but solely consists of two internal documents from the International Marxist Group. The two documents were prepared for the 1972 conference which was the Fusion Conference between the International Marxist Group and the Spartacus League, the youth organisation that had been established by the IMG. We shall return to the debates round the creation of the Spartacus League.

The documents provided the majority and minority perspectives for the 1972 conference. C. Howard and A. Jones presented the majority view of the IMG leadership whilst the second view represents the views of the minority. Howard (Tariq Ali) and Jones (John Ross) were central leaders of the IMG. The Tendency consisted of those comrades supportive of the politics of the US Socialist Workers Party.


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