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Notes for a history of the IMG 9: The industrial struggles of the 1970s

November 4, 2015

lancrDuring the industrial struggles that took place during the Heath government in the early 1970s, the IMG threw itself into supporting a wide range of strikes and disputes.

The pamphlets highlighted here, both locally produced, show two disputes where IMG militants played important roles.

TGWU convenor Jean Jepson was recruited to the IMG and the Defend the Birmingham Five pamphlet was written by Pat Hickey and Paul Davison both of whom were  building workers and members of the IMG.

Both of these show that, far from being a predominantly student focused organisation, the IMG often had strong branches with an orientation to the labour movement and an ability to intervene effectively.

Much needs to be done to pull together more of the numerous local bulletins and pamphlets produced by IMG branches

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