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Notes for a history of the IMG 12: The Spartacus League

November 19, 2015

PoliticsWe present here a selection of documents produced by the Spartacus League, a revolutionary youth group established in 1970 by supporters and sympahisers of the IMG, which was to fuse with the IMG itself in 1972.

A pamphlet produced by Reading branch of the SL: Politics of the Spartacus League

A series of internal discussion documents circulated within the SL:

Spartacus League document 3- Students orientation to the working class

Spartacus League document 4-How youth radicalisation has affected young workers

Spartacus League document 9- Intervention into workers struggles

Spartacus League document- The Communist Party

Some evidence that the SL’s orientation was as much towards the organised working class as to a student or youth milieu:

Stafford Spartacus League report on industrial work 1970

Thanks to Steve G for these documents

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