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Three pamphlets on Ireland

December 30, 2015

Making coverWe present here three pamphlets from Ireland, recently uploaded to our archives.

The Making of Northern Ireland and the Basis of its Undoing

is by D.R. O’Connor Lysaght and was published by the Citizens Committee.

Raynor Lysaght explains some of the background “The Dublin Citizens’ Committee was formed in August ’69 as a response to the Loyalist invasions of the Catholic ghettoes. It was an odd mixture of independent republicans, social democrats & others including one Trotskyist (yours truly). The purpose was to alert people and to try to keep them alerted as to the struggle in the 6 Counties and to supply defensive material (gasmasks, etc., officially) to the beleaguered nationalists.

It was all very basic but it got support from various artistic circles. My role was to produce an historic analysis of the causes and prospects of the crisis, hence the pamphlet. Whether anything more could have come out of it is doubtful. The organised left staged an unofficial boycott, anyway. The pamphlet itself is accurate but underdeveloped. I consider it stands up well compared to the crap that was being excreted on the subject at the time (Boyd’s ‘Holy War in Belfast’, anyone?).
Its biggest weaknesses are its title, ‘The Making of Northern Ireland and the Basis for its Undoing’ (over optimistic) and its ending, ‘Build a Citizen Army Now’ (enough said).
The Committee folded some time in ’71. I think it was when the military struggle escalated after conscription. At all events, its political effect (never very strong, and confused) was marginalised by the polarisation of thinking on partition between the Provo view of aggressive armed struggle based on an illusory mass 26 County support and the view that the matter needed a 26 County solution for a 26 County problem. I had been increasingly separate from it for some time, concentrating my attention on starting what became the RMG.”

Next we have a Peoples Democracy pamphlet, first published in 1969 (this is the 1972 updated edition) on the  Struggle In The North

The third by the RMG, Irish section of the FI, dates from 1975 and reproduces a speech by Ernest Mandel What is Trotskyism?



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  1. oconnorlysaght permalink
    December 31, 2015 11:44 am

    A correction on my introduction to my 1970 pamphlet. I wrote of a post-1970 school of thought advocating a twenty-six county solution to a twenty-six county problem (as against armed struggle). It should be a six county solution to a six county problem. Of course, this also means 26 Cos solutions to 26 Cos. problems, but it excludes the 6 Cos as being one of these latter.

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