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Solidarity with the Portuguese Revolution: some materials

January 12, 2016



With the outbreak of the Portuguese revolution in 1974, Red Weekly  carried extensive coverage of developments and the IMG threw itself into solidarity work with the growing movement.

We present here a selection of materials published or distributed by the IMG.

An English language edition of the Portuguese workers’ newspaper Republica- produced to raise international solidarity.

Republica 17th November 1975

This leaflet  on behalf of the Solidarity Committee with the Portuguese Working Class gives an overview of the struggle and advertises a meeting with speakers from Portugal and a film on the movement for workers control.

A document circulated by the National Committee of the IMG reports on Portuguese solidarity activities and advises on how IMG members should involve themselves in these:

Perspectives for Portuguese work

At least two pamphlets on Portugal were produced; Portugal: Our Struggle by Jacky Gray and Pat Jordan concludes with a list of useful articles and resources and an appeal for a solidarity movement (p15) whilst p16 has details of a national delegate conference boasting an impressive list of sponsors.

A second pamphlet from 1975 has a wider focus, including analysis of the Franco regime in Spain and growing opposition to it.

Portugal Spain Towards the Iberian Socialist Revolution


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