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Stalinism, Eastern Europe and the IMG: Pyotr Grigorenko

January 19, 2016

GrigorenkoEvents in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union were of great concern to the Fourth International and the IMG and great efforts were made to engage with leftist opposition movements and intellectuals in those states.

The first pamphlet in the IMG’s Communism vs Stalinism series, published in the mid-1970s, took up the case of the Soviet dissident communist Pyotr Grigorenko

Grigorenko had been incarcerated in a Soviet mental hospital since 1969 after penning an open letter to the Conference of Communist Parties held in Budapest in February 1968, which is included in the pamphlet.

A report on the Grigorenko case and the IMG’s activities in solidarity with him, can also be found in Red Weekly no 50 (page 7)


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