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Friday Update- Socialist Challenge and the hot summer of ’77

January 22, 2016

Support SCWe have just started to scan Socialist Challenge and have added the first ten issues to the newspaper archive. Starting in June 1977 they cover the ongoing Grunwick dispute, the Social Contract, strikes in Poland, the fightback in Soweto, the struggle over abortion rights, the malicious prosecution of Gay News by Mary Whitehouse and the splits in the Communist Party.

Key articles include Terry Eagleton on Art and Revolution, Paul Foot on the NF, Duncan Hallas on revolutionary unity and an IMG reply, Eurocommunism and the State, debates in the Troops Out Movement and an appreciation of Isaac Deutscher by Tariq Ali.

Meanwhile Raghib Ahsan is fighting the Ladywood bye-election for Socialist Unity and the call goes out to smash the National Front at Lewisham…


It will probably take at least a year to scan the complete run of Socialist Challenge.


In the pamphlets section we have added this from the 1960s:

A Marxist Debates The Socialist Labour League

In the FI in Ireland section

Socialist Republic v4 no1

and a contemporary IMG leaflet

A Socialist Woman pamphlet

Women Workers in Britain

has been added both to the Socialist Woman archive and the pamphlets section.

Finally, we have added two more Inprecors meaning we are missing only issue 20 from series 1.

Inprecor no7 September 5, 1974

Inprecor 14-15 December 12 1974



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