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Reminiscences of a Some-time Trotskyist by Ken Tarbuck

March 14, 2016

RCPThere are relatively few online resources available for those interested in the early history of what was to become the International Marxist Group. It is therefore good news that the Revolutionary History website has once again made available “Ever Hopeful: Never Sure: Reminiscences of a Some-time Trotskyist” by Ken Tarbuck.
Ken Tarbuck’s memoirs cover his experiences in a range of revolutionary organisations starting with his membership of the Revolutionary Communist Party in the 1940s. The chapters in the second part are of particularly relevance to this site as they cover some of the debates in the Revolutionary Socialist League in the late 1950s and the formation of the International Group.
We have previously published Pat Jordan’s “Aspects of the History of the International Marxist Group” which is essential reading for those interested in this history and chronologically overlaps with some of Ken Tarbuck’s memoirs which cover the period up to 1964. We have a number of later items relating to Ken Tarbuck’s involvement in the International Marxist Group and we will endeavour to publish these in due course.
The material made available by Revolutionary History also includes a response by Ken Tarbuck to a document by Harry Selby reproduced in the first issue of Revolutionary History in 1988. The document discusses the history of the Left Fraction and Ken Tarbuck’s response explores the links between the Left Fraction and Nottingham Group. This is another episode where online sources are very limited.
A number of the writings of Ken Tarbuck can be found on the Marxist Internet Archive.

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