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Student International – the Bulletin for Student Power!

June 11, 2016


student power.pngRegular readers will remember us posting three issues of the Marxist Youth Journal from 1969.

Here we present three issues of a contemporaneous publication in a near identical format- Student International – bulletin for Student Power. Articles include Peter Gowan on The LSE and the RSSF (Revolutionary Socialist Students Federation), Tessa Van Gelderen reporting on the RSSF conference and reviewing Tariq Ali’s book on the New Revolutionaries, Murray Smith n defence of Red Bases.

Sadly a book review by Phil Hearse on page 29 of issue 3 is missing.

Student International no1 February 1969

Student International no2 March 1969

Student International no3 May June 1969

If anyone should have a copy of Vanguard- the journal of the Schools Action Union- PLEASE get in touch!

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