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Hull University occupation in pictures

June 12, 2016

The main purpose of the blog has been, and remains, to make available online original material either produced by the International Marxist Group (IMG) or related to its activities.   We have however broadened our scope on a number of occasions either by publishing material that was not directly produced by the IMG, for example the issues of Young Guard or hosting writing that gives a real flavour of what life in the IMG was like for those involved with Mike Martin’s recollections being possibly the best example of this.


The pictures below, which date from the mid-1970s, were recently uploaded to a comrade’s personal Facebook page.   They were taken during a student occupation at Hull University and a number of IMG students are in the various pictures.

The first picture is taken outside the University admin block and shows Union President, and briefly later Bradford Tory MP, Geoff Lawler addressing a mass meeting of students.  Intervening in these mass meetings was a fantastic training ground for what were, by and large, very young IMG students.

Hull University Occupation 2


The second image is from inside the occupation and shows the Broad Left leadership of the Students’ Union, on the steps, being challenged from the floor by an IMG student.  I count six students in the picture who were either in the IMG or soon to join.  This was a very typical scene in a students’ union led by the Broad Left where the far left, not just the IMG, would take them on at every opportunity and certainly at every union meeting.

Hull University Occupation

The third picture is taken inside the occupation and shows a couple of IMG students producing election posters for a “Vote for a Fighting Union” slate for the officers of Students’ Union. Then as now, the left was split into different organisations and there were regular attempts, sometimes successful, to get joint slates.    This particular election was contested by a team of five candidates made up of 2 IMG. 2 IS/SWP and our lone Chartist. Sadly, the strength of the slate was not enough to ensure electoral success!

Hull University Occupation 3

We are keen to publish more pictures showing the activities of the IMG and its members. There are quite a few online but we are sure there are more out there in long neglected folders and albums. Please get in touch with us.

Comrade Tupper

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