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The International Bulletin and The Bulletin 1961-3

June 26, 2016

BulletinWe are delighted now to be able to make available a nearly complete run of the “International Bulletin” from 1961 / 2 and its immediate successor The Bulletin volumes 2 and 3 1963. They are all now uploaded at:

They represent the largest collection of International Group documents from the early 1960s that we have had access to and we are very grateful to Barry Buitekant for the loan of the originals.

This should prove to be an extremely valuable resource for anyone who wishes to conduct a serious study of the process that eventually lead to the formation of the International Marxist Group.  The bulletins will also be of interest to anyone researching other aspects of the left in this period.
The study of these bulletins, along with the reading of Pat Jordan’s 1972 document “Aspects of the history of the IMG”  and the re-emergence of  Ken Tarbuck’s account on the Revolutionary History site, provide online resources that simply did not exist a few years ago when the Australian-British academic Evan Smith wrote, “Besides the work of John Callaghan from the 1980s, little has been written on the IMG, even though many of the group’s papers are now available.
Supporters of the work of this site are about to start the process of making available the overwhelming majority of the issues of The Week that were published. Our publication of the International Bulletin, The Bulletin, The Week, Red Mole, Red Weekly and Socialist Challenge means, in due course, almost all the main publications of the IG/IMG tendency for a period of over twenty years will be available to a wide audience of both academics and activists.

As always we appeal to our readers to let us know of any additional material that we can beg or borrow to enhance the work of the site!


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