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The IMG and Cowley- two pamphlets

July 11, 2016

Cowley Much has been written about the left and industrial militancy in the Cowley car plant during the 1960s and 1970s and we can recommend especially Alan Thornett’s books From Militancy To Marxism, Inside Cowley and the later volume Militant Years

Whilst these books focus on the activities of the Workers Revolutionary Party and later Workers Socialist League militants, it should not be overlooked that there was also an active presence of the IMG at Cowley.

We present here two pamphlets. One by Cowley IMG is a long (66pages) and detailed political critique of the WRP and of Alan Thornett- then deputy senior steward for the T&GWU.

Cowley IMG- Leyland in Crisis- Cowley under Fire

The second, much shorter, takes up the attempts by the right-wing press to use women- the so-called Cowley Wives to undermine militancy in the plant.

Cowley- Women and the Unions- IMG Pamphlet

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