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Return of that small, dark stranger…

July 13, 2016

Just added another dozen copies of Black Dwarf to the newspaper archive.

This includes the famous Che Guevara issue which reprints in full his Bolivian Diaries in a bid to scoop commercial publishers Jonathan Cape which put out a hardback edition the following month.

Apologies for the scan quality of some of these papers. It isn’t easy to scan huge broadsheet pages on an A3 scanner (each page needs to be scanned twice- top and bottom- so there is an overlap)

Even the more tabloid sized pages of later issues are a bit over A3 size and some of the papers are in a very fragile state.

Thanks to Barry again for letting us record these for posterity!

Here are the direct links to the new additions:
Black Dwarf v13 no3 19th July 1968
Black Dwarf Che Special Autumn 1968
Black Dwarf v13 no5 22nd September 1968
Black Dwarf v13 no6 16th October 1968
Black Dwarf v13 no7 27th October 1968
Black Dwarf v13 no8 3rd December 1968
Black Dwarf v14 no15 18th April 1969
Black Dwarf v14 no16 2nd May 1969
Black Dwarf v14 no26 Christmas 1969
Black Dwarf v14 no31 23rd March 1970
Black Dwarf v14 no36 7th July 1970
Black Dwarf v14 no37 5th September 1970

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  1. July 14, 2016 6:10 am

    Not to deprive you of the fun of it, but Marxists Internet Archive has already scanned them.

    • July 14, 2016 9:12 am

      No, those are my scans. The MIA / ETOL is mirroring the content of RedMoleRising- which is great as it gives the material much greater visibility.

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