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The Irish Militant and the Irish Workers’ Group

July 19, 2016

Irish Militant Page 1The Irish Workers’ Group (IWG) originated as the Irish Workers Union and contained a variety of people who all considered themselves to be Marxists. The group developed a Trotskyist and a Maoist wing and when the latter broke away, the Trotskyists became the Irish Workers’ Group, set up by Gerry Lawless.

The IWG produced a paper Irish Militant and a theoretical journal An Solas/Workers’ Republic. Other members of the IWG later influential in the Irish left include EamonnMcCann and Michael Farrell.

We present here two issues of The Irish Militant, courtesy of Mick Healy. He writes:

The Irish Militant September 1966 with a photo of Irish Workers Group member Frank Keane carrying the Irish tricolour and Dublin Republican activist from the 1950s-60s Eamonn Nolan carrying the Starry Plough. Butch Roche, who threw a cannister of CS gas into the chamber of the House of Commons in 1970, is behind Keane holding the banner. The writing on the front of the Militant is by Seamus Ryan 1937-2014.

In addition The Irish Militant no.2 May 1966, with an article by Liam Daltun 1937-72 (scan from Cedar Lounge Revolution)

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  1. July 20, 2016 8:23 am

    As the link to (PDF)The Irish Militant no.2 May 1966, with an article by Liam Daltun 1937-72 seems to have gone I send another link to it.


  1. The Irish Trade Union Defence Committee (1966) | irishanarchisthistory

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