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A few nice finds…

August 23, 2016

BooksJust back from a week’s holiday on the Jurassic Coast and I managed to unearth a few interesting fossils in a Lyme Regis bookshop!

First up, a book by Michel Raptis (Pablo) on workers’ control in Chile before the coup. Which is a good jumping off point to mention that I am in the process of scanning a number of British Pablo tendency publications- Bulletin of Marxist Studies, Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management and Socialist Alternatives magazine, amongst others. These will probably be in a self-contained archive, separate from RedMoleRising.

Explosion in a Subcontinent looks at the revolutionary processes unfolding in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ceylon with articles by Tariq Ali, Fred Halliday, Megnad Desai et al and a forward by Robin Blackburn. Notably, it includes as two of the appendices the Fourth International statements on Bangladesh and Ceylon from April 1971.

Chile: The Gorillas Are Amongst Us is a short contemporary account of the events in Chile by Helios Prieta, translated by Mike Gonzales and published by Pluto.

Regis Debray’s Strategy For Revolution (also with a Robin Blackburn foreword) is essential reading for those guerillaists / Guevarists amongst us.

Last, and probably least, the biography of Ken Livingstone (signed by both author and subject) was picked up from the charity box of our campsite. it does have a couple of interesting nods towards our Socialist Action chums…



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