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The Engineers Pay Claim

August 26, 2016

JacksonI was pleased to find, along with other materials Barry Buitekant lent us, a copy of a pamphlet I’d never seen before. The Engineers Pay Claim and the struggle to bring down the Tory government is by Ron Thompson (AUEW) and dated Fall (sic) 1973.

I was, then, doubly pleased when, only a few days later, Tony Maguire sent a copy of Jackson Worker 3 – a factory bulletin from Leeds issued by the AEUW Shop Stewards and dated October 1973 which also covers the pay claim.

Tony writes “Jackson Boilers was a small engineering factory at Elland Road, Leeds taken over by Tube Investments and eventually asset stripped. The site is now a car park for Leeds United.There were four AUEW shop stewards, of which I was senior steward we recruited another of the AUEW stewards to the IMG. There were also 2 steward from the Sheet Metal Workers Union and I was convener of the Joint Shop Stewards Cttee. The sheet metal stewards were of a more “moderate” disposition than us, thus the bulletin was produced in the name of the AUEW stewards.

I remember the pamphlet. Ron Thompson was in Leeds before he moved to Sheffield. I think he may have moved by October 1973. Does anyone know what became of him?”


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  1. BigTam permalink
    August 26, 2016 11:32 am

    Ron Thompson was originally from Dundee, and later became a teacher in Dumbartonshire (I think). I last saw him in the late ’90s.

  2. Tony Maguire permalink
    August 27, 2016 9:14 am

    Thanks BigTam. I worked closely with him for a few years while he studied at Leeds Uni. I saw him at IMG events after he left to develop IMG presence in the steel industry in Sheffield, but gradually lost touch.

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