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Pablo Honey

September 1, 2016

indexA little side project…

In 1963, following a ten-year schism, the majorities of the two public factions of the Fourth International, the International Secretariat and the International Committee reunited, electing a United Secretariat of the Fourth International. However, tensions with Pablo and his supporters continued…..

By 1965 Pablo was out of the FI and his followers organised themselves as the International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency, the central political theme of which was the concept of “workers self-management”

English-language publications included

Dossier and the International Marxist Review

and the  Bulletin for Socialist Self Management

The last fling of British Pabloism appears to have been the well-produced magazine Socialist Alternatives from 1986.

The IRMT remained small throughout its existence and its sections rejoined the FI in 1994 / 5.

For many more scans of the journals mentioned above, go to: British Pabloism

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  1. September 1, 2016 11:00 am

    Revolutionary History, New Series No 1 includes an article on Sam Bornstein, by Ron Heisler, which gives interesting details on Pablo’s “Commission for the Regroupment . . . ” and Sam’s involvement in it.

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