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Nottingham Voice

September 2, 2016


We are indebted to Julian Atkinson for loaning us these five copies of Nottingham Voice. The papers are in a fragile state so it is good to have been able to do a little bit to preserve them for posterity!

Starting in October 1967, Nottingham Voice was a broad Labour movement paper in tabloid format which enjoyed the support of local MPs Trevor Park and George Perry, amongst others. Contributors included a number of supporters of the then International Group, including Julian himself, and the first issue leads on Ken Coates and Bill Silburns landmark survey of poverty in Nottingham.

Nottingham Voice October 1967

Nottingham Voice November 1967

Nottingham Voice December 1967

Nottingham Voice January 1968

Nottingham Voice February 1968

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  1. September 2, 2016 10:40 am

    Best Wishes to Julian who I well remember .although I’d moved to Preston Lancashire by 1964..5 as I had a job there till 1968 when I moved down to London. The Voice papers were an attempt to build a broader movement and worked well in quite differentiated fields.

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