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A correction and an apology

September 6, 2016

My recent post on the British followers of Pablo incorrectly identified the Bulletin of Marxist Studies of Chris Arthur and Ken and Marion Tarbuck as a publication of that tendency.

I am happy to correct this.

Chris Arthur writes: “No way were the Tarbucks and I supporters of the Pabloites. We considered ourselves dissident supporters of the USFI, having left the IMG because of the way it was run (in retrospect a foolish thing to do).We were friendly with a couple of Australian Pabloites. But the interest in workers’ control did not lead us to join them.”

The copies of Bulletin of Marxist Studies we have are below (and no longer on the British Pabloism site)

Any information about the actual British Pabloites and, specifically their origins, would be of interest to us…

Bulletin of Marxist Studies v1 no1 Summer 1968

Bulletin of Marxist Studies v1 no2 Autumn 1968

Bulletin of Marxist Studies v1 no3 Winter 1968 – 9

Bulletin of Marxist Studies v1 no4 Spring 1969

Marxist Studies vol1 no5 Autumn 1969

Marxist Studies vol2 no1 Winter 1969 – 70

Marxist Studies vol2 no2 Spring 1970

Marxist Studies vol2 no3 Autumn 1970

Marxist Studies Newsletter no1 April 1970

Marxist Studies Newsletter no3 June July 1970

Workers Control What Next- Tarbuck and Arthur – Bulletin for Marxist Studies pamphlet

The Making Of Revolutionaries- Cadre or Sect- Ken Tarbuck

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  1. Mike permalink
    September 6, 2016 5:36 pm

    The journal Socialist Alternatives published in the 1980s and contained on the British Pabloism website was not a ‘native’ British journal but dropped out of the sky as if from nowhere, and was almost entirely the initiative of BS, a highly energetic French national and member of the IRMT (International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency) from France who had come over the channel to become a student at Oxford University for a three year period (he was assisted by his wife and one of the very first Amstrad word processors which he seemed to run 18 hours per day). As well as editing, publishing, writing articles, doing interviews and selling the journal, he also was active in promoting Labour Briefing. He arranged a public meeting with Pablo/Raptis in Oxford at that time – about 15 people went despite Pablo’s infamy among sections of the Trotskyist left. I don’t believe Pablo had done any public meetings in Britain before or after. The French student was extremely friendly towards people in the International Group formerly from Socialist League but very hostile towards the Oxford people in the expelled faction of the WSL (Socialist Group/Socialist Viewpoint); both groups merged into the ISG/Socialist Outlook and became what is Socialist Resistance. Somehow he got a degree and went back to France, and I believe later went to Canada, but as far as I’m aware is no longer politically active. The IRMT section in France joined the LCR in the 1990s.

    • September 6, 2016 6:23 pm

      Thanks. That’s very useful. For me the interesting thing about S Alternatives is the fact that one of its most prominent contributors later went on to become Director of Public Prosecutions 🙂

  2. Keith S permalink
    September 25, 2016 8:34 am

    It is interesting to note that the first issue of International Marxist Review, organ of the Revolutionary Marxist Tendency of the Fourth International (the “Pabloites”) claims on Page 2 that it incorporates “the Bulletin of Marxist Studies”…. and Ken Tarbuck was clearly centrally involved in both publications.

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