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A stroke of luck…

October 16, 2016

pixieI have recently paid for a pro subscription to Dropbox. This gives me practically unlimited online storage space for all the files on this site and many more.

In the process of moving and sorting files I realised I couldn’t find International Bulletin no26 which I had received just a few weeks before in a batch of items from Julian Atkinson. As I still have that box-file I quickly located and scanned it but in the process also discovered, in the box, a copy of IF Bulletin no4. I’m sure this had not been there previously and must have been placed there by the Trotsky-pixies!

We already had IF Bulletin 5 from November 1961- the last issue before it was superseded by International Bulletin later that month.

Issue 4, marked at the top ‘Confidential’, confirms what we had previously surmised that this was an internal factional bulletin, rather than an open paper, inside the RSL prior to the launch of the open International Group. “IF” stands for either International or Internationalist Faction. There is plenty more on this in Ken Tarbuck’s memoirs where you will find both names used.

IF Bulletins 1, 2 and 3 are now at the top of the ‘wants’ list and we await the Trotsky-pixies again…

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