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Intercontinental Press, now online

November 4, 2016


For those interested in the history of the International Marxist Group and the Fourth International, Intercontinental Press being available online is a useful resource.

Intercontinental Press was a weekly news magazine produced on behalf of the Fourth International between 1963 and 1986. It had been founded as World Outlook in 1963 with a parallel edition in French named Perspective Mondiale.

In 1968 the magazine’s offices moved from Paris to New York and a naming dispute with another magazine of the same title led to it becoming Intercontinental Press.

Between 1973 and 1978, disagreements between the majority of the FI and the Socialist Workers Party (US) led to the FI launching a rival English language magazine, Inprecor. The two publications were to merge in 1978 after the dissolution of the international factions. The merged magazine was called Intercontinental Press/Inprecor.

In 1983, new disagreements between the SWP and USFI developed. Again, IP followed the SWP’s line which prompted the FI to establish the English-language magazine International Viewpoint. After the 1985 World Congress the SWP withdrew from the Fourth International and closed IP the following year.

The Intercontinental Press site can be found here:

There is a search facility which allows you to search for particular topics or authors.,35

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