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More on the death of Peter Graham

November 28, 2016

pg-coverThanks to Barry Buitekant for supplying this copy of “This Week”, a mainstream news magazine, from November 1971 which leads on the story of the murder of Peter Graham.

Barry writes “I first met Peter Graham IIRC in 1969 when several of us formed the London group of the Trotskyist Tendency of the IS group. Other members were Liam Dalton and Gerry Roche both long standing Trotskyists from Ireland. Liam later died falling from a railway bridge in north London. The other member was John Maynard who like me had previously been a member of the Socialist Labour League.

I left the Trotskyist Tendency and IS in 1970. Later when I went to the IMG bookshop in Londons Pentonville Road I found Peter working there as he had joined them. He was very friendly and tried to recruit me into the IMG. He failed. With the passage of so many years I can’t remember the reasons he gave me leaving the Trotskyist Tendency and for his joining the IMG. It came as a considerable shock to me when later I found out that he had been murdered in Ireland.

I can still vividly recall the last time I saw him when we discussed the history of the Trotskyist movement and the way forward. He had a great deal to give to the movement but cruelly his murder cut this short.”
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  1. Mick permalink
    November 30, 2016 6:37 pm

    Thanks to Barry Buitekant for posting This Week magazine, from November 1971 with the story of the murder of Dublin Marxist Peter Graham.This Week from this date that I have is in fairly bad shape.Thank you Rob-Red Mole for keeping the memory of Trotskyist Graham alive.


  1. Copy of This Week magazine, from November 1971 with a report on the assassination of Trotskyist Peter Graham. | irishrepublicanmarxisthistoryproject

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