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Cyprus: Anatomy of a Disaster

December 19, 2016


Thanks to Dario Navaro for supplying us with a copy of the pamphlet Cyprus: Anatomy of a Disaster which he had a hand in producing

Dario writes:

It is now over 40 years since a few us in the IMG got together to discuss what had happened to Cyprus during the fateful year of 1974. There was Andy and George from Cyprus, Nick from Greece and I was from Turkey.

East Mediterranean Commission may have been a rather ambitious name for this small group of people, nonetheless we produced a relatively comprehensive analysis of events that led to the partitioning of the island, Cyprus: Anatomy of a Disaster.

We used the pamphlet (in English and Turkish) mainly in our talks at meetings of the Cypriot community in London, I must say with mixed results.

The symbol of the Fourth International on the cover page did not endear us to the of communists of AKEL or EDEK, especially as the pamphlet was also highly critical of their politics, and the Turkish left and trade unions in Cyprus had by 1974 already been silenced which meant we could not draw them into a meaningful debate.

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  1. donald6 permalink
    December 19, 2016 10:28 am

    I did my National service in Cyprus *Also Aqaba and Bahrein). I threw my “active service medal n the bin.

    I also served in the IMG ’68 early 70’s. We adopted a Scottish Workers Republic at Conference, realising the international importance of smashing the Brutish State.

    Rae was a comrade then. How’s Tariq doing? Nobody understood the nature of British Imperialism better.

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