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1967 and all that

January 28, 2017

50Fifty years ago, today, what was, in effect, the founding conference of the International Marxist Group started in the ballroom of the Albert Hotel in Nottingham.

The conference was held over two days and was described in one conference document as being “in a certain sense…the launching of our group on a national scale.”
The account of the IMG in this period, in Ernie Tate’s Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s & 60s. Volume 2. Britain 1965 – 1970, is essential reading and covers the 28-29 January 1967 conference which we focus on here.

We present here some of the conference documents:
Britain 1967: The Need for a Transitional Programme
Perspectives 1967 by Kork (Ken Coates)
The Politics of Organisation by John Walters (Ken Tarbuck) which is a response to IMG Organisational Report October 1966
Draft Resolution on the Group and the Fourth International
International Marxist Group Draft Constitution and suggested amendments from Ken Tarbuck.

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  1. stephenjgriffiths permalink
    January 28, 2017 2:03 pm

    See the housing Struggle villaRdLambeth
    BBC Iplayer as shown We’d late.
    Made 2011.
    The other Corbyn and IMG.

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