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Loads more pamphlets- and a site reorganisation

February 23, 2017

We have uploaded loads more IMG pamphlets so, rather than saying anything about them at this stage, I will simply list their titles below and you can find them in the pamphlets section.

I am also in the laborious process of re-organising the pamphlets section (and later the papers and journals sections) to make them easier to navigate (hopefully) and to bring all my scanned files into one place and in logical order.

So, under “Pamphlets & Bulletins” you will now find folders for IMG pamphlets, Red Weekly, Socialist Challenge, Socialist Action pamphlets, local group pamphlets and bulletins and miscellaneous!

Trust me, it makes sense!

These are the new items in the IMG Pamphlets file:

Class Nature of the Workers States

Defend the Right to Work

Meaning of the Miners Strike

Theories of Workers Control

Socialist Policy for the Trade unions

After the Miners Strike, What Next?

British Troops Out Now

Dynamics of World Revolution Today

In Defense of the Portuguese Revolution

Portugal The Fight For Workers Power

Proposed Statutes of the FI

Reorganisation of the Party- Lenin

Shrewsbury, Repression and Class Struggle- 2nd Edition

Socialism and Man- Guevara

Teachers Salaries, the Way Forward

The Fight For Control

Unemployment- A Weapon of Capitalism

Lancaster IMG- What Is The IMG?

York IMG- The Rents Bill

IMG Teachers- Education Cuts and the Crisis


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