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Black Dwarf- The elusive issue 4…

March 9, 2017

For quite some time we had been looking for a copy of the fourth issue of Black Dwarf– (actually Volume 13 No 4 in the arcane numbering of BD)


I had a little confusion as to the status of the Che Guevara special– which consisted of a printing of his Bolivian Diaries- and wondered whether that might be issue 4. However, that was too late- Autumn 68 whereas issue 4 had to be August.

So, now I have found a copy- purchased on Ebay for a modest sum- and you can see a scan of it at the link above.

The paper is notable for a centre page spread printing of a BBC script “Cause For Concern” which the police had tried to suppress.

Like other early Black Dwarfs, it is an 8 page paper in broadsheet format ie very large pages. That means I have had to scan each page twice- top and bottom, and piece the scans together. Not ideal, of course, but you will be pleased to hear that there is a project in the offing, not run by us, which will eventually see all the Black Dwarfs re-scanned at high resolution, including the larger ones on a broadsheet scanner.

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