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Perspectives for students and youth

April 18, 2017

IMG Student BulletinContinuing the theme of the last couple of posts, we present here some discussion documents from the later 1970s which informed the thinking of the IMG in relation to the student movement…

First Pre Conference Internal Discussion Bulletin no 48(!) for May 1976 consists of a 20 page document by Comrade Inglefield covering all aspects of student perspectives and organisation.

Two years later the 1978 Students Notes bulletin contained a balance sheet of the Socialist Students Alliance by Dale as well as a report on IMG youth work by Brown. Brown’s motion on youth for the IMG Central Committee the same year is contained in  Party Builder Bulletin no9

We finish with two more discussion documents from the IMG students fraction from 1979, and an IMG students bulletin from Oxford:

Perspectives for the Autumn Term – Dale

State of the Student Movement- Bezant

IMG Student Bulletin


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