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The FI and Africa

April 20, 2017

Last year we showcased copies of a magazine produced by the Fourth International in Azaniathe mid-1970s called Africa In Struggle

However, ten years earlier, the “African Commission of the Fourth International” had produced a bi-monthly magazine titled Under The Banner of Socialism.

We have two issues- both from 1965- no4 and no8

Fourth International supporters were also involved with the South African organisation APDUSA (African Peoples Democratic Union of South Africa) and we have one issue of its newspaper of the same name  together with a leaflet for the Unity Movement to which it was affiliated.

The APDUSA newspaper, in the early 1970s at least, was printed by the IMG’s Prinkipo Press.

Finally, the Azania Worker (originally Azania Frontline) magazine ran for some 12 issues between 1983 and 1988. Published in London by the Azania Liberation Support Committee with the support of the Fourth International.

We have only two issues: vol 2 no 3 1986 and vol 3 no 3 1987 but advertisements for the other issues of the magazine can be found in contemporary issues of Socialist Action newspaper



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  1. jplant1 permalink
    April 20, 2017 11:26 pm

    Extract from interview with Charlie van GelderenAnyway,
    I got together with some black South African comrades here in Britain and we
    started a journal, Azania Worker,
    which took a critical position of the ANC of course. We were associated with
    Neville Alexander’s group in South Africa, Workers Organisation for Socialist

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