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Co-Ordinator no 1 July 1968- For Unity on the Left

May 4, 2017

Co-ordinCoord.jpgator was the official organ of the Lambeth branch of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign but clearly saw itself as a revolutionary socialist publication in its own right, rather than just an organ of the VSC.

It was edited by Al Richardson, then still a member of the IMG and its editorial board had representatives of the IMG, the International Socialists, the CPGB and the Working Peoples Party of England, a Maoist group.

Its ‘What We Stand For’ column was based on opposition to racism, full support for working class struggles, and support for the VSC.

This is the only issue we have so far found- it would be interested to know if a second issue was ever produced.

Al Richardson was to break with the IMG a little over a year later and went on to join the Revolutionary Communist League / Socialist Charter group.

Our sister site Splits and Fusions will be featuring a collection of RCL / Chartist publications very soon.


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