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The spectre of the Revolutionary Marxist Current…

June 6, 2018

The IMG Pre-Conference Bulletins for 1973 indicate the formation of a large number of tendencies within the organisation, including “the Tendency”, the Workers Opposition Tendency and the Left Opposition Tendency amongst others.

rmc cover.jpgIt is from members of this latter tendency that the independent group Revolutionary Marxist Current was to form early in 1975.

The LOT’s key contributions in 1973 were the “Communique” from its Provisional Steering Committee and the platform document “The Mass Struggle”

In late 1974 Martin Thomas, on behalf of Workers Fight, wrote a critique of “The Mass Struggle” which, when the RMC entered into a period of discussion with Workers Fight, was retrospectively designated as RMC WF Joint Discussion Bulletin no1. Two further discussion bulletins were issued: two and three.

We also have a copy of the RMCs response to Workers Fight’s Open Letter on Revolutionary Regroupment which is reproduced in Bulletin 3.

Following the breakdown of discussions with WF, the RMC also briefly had talks with the WF split Marxist Workers Group. However, the ultimate trajectory of the RMC was towards the group Big Flame as discussed in this post. This document from 1977 gives a good overview of the history of the RMC.

Between mid-1975 and the end of 1976 the RMC produced 16 issues of a paper The Spectre.

This phantom has proved very elusive and we currently have none in our collection, despite repeated attempts at a seance.

Thanks to Martin T for the RMC / WF bulletins, to Barry B for the RMC reply to WF and to Steve G for the IMG Pre-Conference Bulletins.


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