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Vietnam again- Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Bulletin

June 30, 2018

Anothe couple of items from the anti-Vietnam War campaigns of 1968/9:

The Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Bulletin, a publication of the Provisional Committee of the Action Council for Anti-Imperialist Solidarity, was apparently founded after the betrayals of the Trotskyite-YCL leadership of the VSC and Ad-Hoc Committee in relation to the October 27th demonstration…

Presumably the group was a militant split from the Maoist Britain-Vietnam Solidarity Front. Can anyone give us more information?

We have no1


and v2 no1



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  1. June 30, 2018 4:38 pm

    Judging by the typeface, my fading memory and the politics, they were put out by Mike Baker of the Marxist-Leninist Organisation of Britain, a group that supported Liu Shao-Chi against Mao in the Cultural Revolution. They were presumably non grata for this reason in the BVSF and took part in VSC where Baker habitually made pompous statements of a length in inverse proportion to his membership.

    By early 69, he together with a ragbag of people including Adolpho Porsches and my late friend Terry Liddle who organised a third demonstration alongside VSC and BVSF in March ’69.

    Baker later became a Council Communist, having apparently started his career in British military intelligence.

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