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The Perils of Ernestine

July 1, 2018

ErnieThis rather cultured satire is an attack on our friend Ernie Tate, amongst others. Authored by Geoff Richman and G Crossick, the pamphlet is published by “Red Dwarf”

A more serious and very detailed critique of VSC tactics and the debates and discussions within the Ad Hoc Committee, particularly scathing of the IMG, can be found in Richman’s 66 page pamphlet October 27th End Of A Tactic which is also credited to “Red Dwarf” and published in November 1968.

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  1. Mike Martin permalink
    July 7, 2018 7:22 am

    I do not recall seeing the Richman pamphlet at the time, but I do recall that they made a film called End of a Tactic questioning the focus on protest demos. Their alternative turned out to be localism and for a time they would only go on marches within the boundaries of the Borough of Camden. To be fair they had given support to VSC at national level, badly needed as we had almost zero resources after being evicted from premises of the Russell Peace Foundation

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