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Socialist Resistance tabloid

February 9, 2019

SRLaunched in September 2002, Socialist Resistance was a joint venture between the International Socialist Group– British Section of the Fourth International and the Socialist Solidarity Network– a group of former members of the Socialist Party, together with a number of individuals, all of whom were then working within the umbrella of the Socialist Alliance.

As the SSN later absorbed the Socialist Democracy Group, Socialist Resistance represented a partial regroupment project although it was not itself identified as an ‘official’ FI paper (the ISG continued at this time to produce Socialist Outlook in magazine format).

The politics of Socialist Resistance were strongly pro-Socialist Alliance and favoured turning the SA into a party along the lines of the Scottish Socialist Party.

Later Socialist Resistance supporters were active in the Respect Coalition and, when Respect split in 2007 SR used its resources to produce a newspaper for the Respect Renewal wing, with the SR tabloid giving way to a magazine of the same name…

We have all 49 issues of Socialist Resistance tabloid- a substantial publication of 24 or 28 pages- plus two supplements or special isssues pruduced for the European Social Forum- one in conjunction with the French LCR. The centre pages of early issues include pull-out ‘youth’ sections.

Many thanks to John L for supplying a good number of these files in the form of the original PDFs and thus saving me a huge scanning job.


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