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Winter At The Bookshop

February 26, 2020

RedMoleRising first published a version of Sylvia Riley’s memoir of life in the International Group back in 2016 so we were very pleased to see that an expanded version has been published in book format.

Many thanks to Five Leaves Books for sending us a copy.

The book is beautifully written. It is both a memoir and an affectionate tribute to Pat Jordan who appears throughout, as well as in the stand-alone piece Trotsky’s Other Son which is included in the book.

In some way’s its an insiders book- if you don’t already know what a Posadist is, let alone a Selbyite, then Sylvia won’t tell you. Perhaps that is a good thing. The labyrinthine politics of the I(M)G and Fourth International are largely background to a very human story here. Readers wanting to know what the particular arguments in the FI were at the time should consult Livio Maitan’s book, also newly published in English.

At a recent gathering to mark the publication of Winter At The Bookshop, hosted by Five Leaves in Nottingham, many members of the early IMG and the wider left were in attendance. I couldn’t make it but I can’t help but wonder if anyone brought along the ring…


Julian Atkinson’s review does far greater justice to this book than I can.

This review from Weekly Worker is also very good and gives the flavour of the book well.



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