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Conor Cruise O’Brien and Rayner Lysaght…

July 10, 2021

In 1970 Red Mole published a profile of Conor Cruise O’Brien.

Tariq Ali writes “I commissioned Rayner to write this profile. We published it in The Red Mole on 1-15 October 1970. O’Brien asked for space to reply. He got it. Then Rayner wrote a reply to the reply.

Would be worth digging up and publishing as a pamphlet.

Talking about digging, I remember going to speak at an RMG cadre school in Dublin in the early 70’s. Rayner arrived in a raincoat and wellies carrying a hefty spade and announced he had come as a ‘grave-digger of capitalism.’

Rayner’s profile can be found here: Red Mole v1 no10

The reply from O’Brien with Rayner’s response is on the letters page (page 4) of Red Mole v1 no13

In addition, Niall Meehan has sent us this pamphlet by Rayner:

End of A Liberal: The Literary Politics of Conor Cruise O’Brien

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  1. John BARZMAN permalink
    July 11, 2021 6:35 am

    Valuable archives. Do you plan a collection of “best of” or selected articles or a digest and index?

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