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“Agitator”- Voice of the Socialist Club, Sussex

January 6, 2022

A joint post with Splits&Fusions.

[7th January- amended, corrected, updated and added to!!]

The Agitator was a two page weekly news-sheet of the Sussex University Socialist Club.

The club was intended as a general forum for all revolutionary socialist students and it is clear that, at least, supporters of both the International Marxist Group and the International Socialists were involved.

We have 13 issues of Agitator which all appear to date from the 1971-1972 period.

The sheet advertised the regular weekly Socialist Club meetings, educational meetings and a variety of other campus activities, meetings and protests as well as taking up issues within the Students’ Union and campus authorities.

However, by March 1972 the International Socialists chose to leave the Socialist Club and set up their own campus society- as reported in the issue for March 21st 1972.

Agitator continued at least until May (possibly for a lot longer but the latest dated issue we have is May 25th 1972)

I am sure there will be readers of this blog who remember the Agitator and the Socialist Club…


Not represented in the University of Sussex Socialist Club at this time would be supporters of Militant.

Militant controlled the Labour Club and issued its own newsletter Red Letter of which we have five copies. They also date from the early 1970s with the earliest we have being from January 21st 1970.


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