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Our comrade Alain Krivine is dead, his fight continues

March 12, 2022

From the NPA:

Our comrade Alain Krivine left us today, at the age of 80.

We, the comrades of the NPA, join in the grief of his family, his loved ones, and all those who recognised themselves in the struggles he led.

For more than 65 years, Alain was a tireless activist, present in all the struggles against the ravages of the capitalist system, against injustice, for emancipation.

An activist excluded from the PCF, founder and leader of the JCR, the LCR and then the NPA, leader of the Fourth International, Alain has never denied his youthful commitments. He was, for whole generations of activists, a model of constancy, an inexhaustible resource, an exemplary comrade.

We will remember his self-sacrifice, his warmth and his humour. Until the end of his life, Alain did not give up and did not give in to the pressure of “You’ll get over it with age”.

In the coming days, we will communicate about the tributes that will be organised, and we will come back to Alain’s life and fights at length.

Bye, old man, and thanks for everything. Let’s keep fighting!

Montreuil, 12 March 2022

Those who would like to send texts of condolences and homage can send them to the address:

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