Mandel Centenary video project

Dear All, 

2023 is Ernest Mandel’s centenary year. 

To mark this I am crowdfunding to raise money to have some ancient video reels of a debate between Ernest Mandel and the IMG, and Monty Johnstone for the CP, cleaned up, digitised and edited. 

This is the debate in London (?Friends Meeting House) from 1978 which was a re-run of the earlier debate in the same location in 1969.

The reels are in a mid-1970s format so I am having to pay to get them professionally digitised. It isn’t cheap but the results from the first reel which I have had done, are promising. 

Once the four reels are converted, we will employ a semi-pro video editor to produce a more watchable hour long film of the debate. 

Here is the link to the Crowdfunding project:

Resistance books are kindly offering their three Mandel titles as part of the ‘rewards’ for this project.


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