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IF Bulletin no2 August 1961

May 31, 2019

Sifting through piles of assorted documents we chanced upon the second issue of the IF (International Faction) Bulletin from 1961.

if bull.png

Issued whilst the Nottingham centred International Group was still a component of the Revolutionary Socialist League, it is headed ‘confidential’ and headlines with the proposal for a cadre school…

Other articles refer to a number of journals and publications of other groups with which the IF was keen to develop a relationship.

However, the articles on pages 3 and 4 are of great interest, being reports of the then merger talks between the youth papers of the RSL (Rally) and of the Socialist Review Group (Rebel) which came together shortly afterwards as Young Guard. See recent posting on Splits&Fusions for more details.

Finally, the back page reports the establishment of a new paper the Industrial Worker which, of course, was the pre-cursor to Labour Worker and then Socialist Worker. It is claimed here that this was a project not just of the Socialist review Group but also of elements from the ILP…



The witch-hunt back then- International Bulletin no23

May 6, 2019

intbull.jpgA very welcome addition to our collection, courtesy of Staffan- International Bulletin volume 1 no23 for 25th May 1962.

This issue covers the witch-hunt launched against the Young Socialists by the Labour NEC- the proscription of the paper Keep Left and investigation of Young Guard.

At the foot of page 2 the Bulletin reproduces the Labour Party’s fabled ‘proscribed’ list first drawn up in the 1930s and targetting in the main Communist inspired groups and fellow travellers as well as Trotskyists.

The back page has an advert for a young socialists camp at Kessingland with an impressive array of speakers…


The Samsamajist- English language paper of the LSSP

May 5, 2019

samsam.jpgSplits&Fusions discussion of the Committee for the Regroupment of the British Section of the Fourth International mentioned the involvement of students from Ceylon, in re-establishbing the Fourth International in Britain. S&F also carried a selection of English language Ceylonese pamphlets

The Ceylonese Trotskyists also published an English language newspaper at this time- The Samsamajist.

Thanks to Staffan for supplying us with seven copies of this paper from the 1950s and 1960s.

Later, in the 1978, the LSSP launched a new paper The Leftist of which we have the first issue only.



The Internationalist- Bulletin of the ISFI

May 4, 2019

internSome years ago I mentioned the fact we only had a single copy of The Internationalist, a bulletin of the International Secretariat dating from the late 1950s early 1960s

Since that time we have accumulated a few more from various sources and now have eighteen copies here:


Thanks to Staffan for some of these, and to Bruce for the later issues.

Three pamphlets on women

April 30, 2019

AutThanks to Penny Duggan for supplying us with the following three pamphlets.

Autonomy of the Womens Movement is published by the Womens Commission of the Movement For A Socialist Republic, the then Irish affililiate of the Fourth International.

A Woman’s Right To Work is a Socialist Challenge / Revolution youth pamphlet from 1981.

This edition of The Origin Of The Family put out by Asian Socialist Forum is a reprint of Kathleen Gough’s 1971 article of the same name.

Related materials can be found in our SOCIALIST WOMAN Archive

Socialist Woman magazine

Socialist Woman specials and pamphlets

Founding the VSC

April 10, 2019

Many thanks to Staffan Lindhe for providing these copies of documents relating to the founding of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign in 1966…


Firstly we have greetings to the conference from Belgium, Switzerland and Italy

The statement of aims adopted by the VSC was not to everyone’s liking and some groups walked out of the founding conference denouncing it as a Trotskyist front. Here are a couple of documents putting that view: Concerning the VSC and True Solidarity or Sham Solidarity.

Then we have couple of leaflets What is the VSC and For A Lasting Peace, the former came with a covering letter inviting supporters to order publications.

Finally a short, undated note from Pat Jordan tells us about the proposal of Bertrand Russell to set up a war crimes tribunal….

Lennon’s links

March 16, 2019

Whilst John Lennon’s links with the IMG for a brief period in the early 1970s are well known, allegedly he was also giving money to the WRP at the same time…

Interesting article from the Sunday Times, February 20, 2000.

Lennon article.1

Lennon article.2

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