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Some more Irish materials…

January 19, 2019


We have quite a few Irish documents to add to our files…

Lets start with the Revolutionary Socialist Students Federation’s The Struggle In Ireland– May 1st 1969. This is an 8 page special paper.

To our archive of UNFREE CITIZEN, we have added a copy of Free Citizen, the original name of the paper of the Peoples Democracy. Volume 2 no 1 for October 1970 is a six page bulletin, corner stapled. However, it is colour printed and boasts a rather nice Connolly poster…

We also have another copy of the ever popular Plough, paper of the Revolutionary Marxist Group and some more copies of the later Socialist Republic- v1 no 6 which also has a 1968-1978 supplement and v4 no8 from 1981.

The Case of the Belfast 10 is a Free Ireland pamphlet published by the Anti-Internment League- write to one Bob Purdie…

We also have one issue of Workers Republic fortnightly newsletter of the League for a Workers Republic- volume 2 no3 for February 13th 1970

Finally, for good measure and for comparison, we have a couple of issues of The Worker from 1972 and 1973- paper of the Socialist Workers Movement– co-thinkers of the British International Socialist.



Whelanism revisited- the Revolutionary Marxist Current

January 16, 2019

rmcChapter two of Mike McNair’s study of the internal politics and factions of the IMG is titled “Whelanism” after Tony Whelan / Chris Marshall.

He suggests that under a “generic term of Whelanism may be grouped the 1972 Fusion Conference majority, the Left Opposition Tendency (LOT) of 1973-4, Tendency D at and after the 1975 Conference and the Current X at the 1976 Conference; also, the public organisation the Revolutionary Marxist Current (RMC), formed 1975 from the LOT split from the IMG, fused with Big Flame 1978.”

Having previously looked at the RMC here and here, we are now able to add a substantial number of new documents to our collection.

Firstly we have the document of Liverpool comrades resigning from the IMG in 1974- part of the group which became the RMC.

Then we have the Political Platform of the RMC published as a duplicated pamphlet

We also have a substantial number of RMC Internal Bulletins covering the period April 1975 to October 1976. These detail the political clarification of the RMC and its relations with other groups including the fusion discussions with Workers Fight and the Bolton based Marxist Worker Group.

Three issues of a joint WF-RMC discussion bulletin were produced. The first of these was “Notes on the Mass Struggle” a WF critique of the Whelan tendency within the IMG. This retrospectively became bulletin no1, followed by Bulletin 2 and Bulletin 3.

We do not have later period documents relating to the discussions with Big Flame.

Many more related documents here:



Azania Worker revisited

January 15, 2019

azanWe previously flagged up a couple of issues of the South African socialist journal Azania Worker- produced in Britain and supported by the FI.


Now we can add another three issues:

Vol2 no2 December 1985

Vol4 no1 February 1987

No10 July 1988

Details of the contents of previous issues can be found on the back pages.

Thanks to Bruce for these.


Still remembering ’68…

January 1, 2019

Yesterday we posted the links to the four parts of the audio recordings of the Nottingham 1968 meeting.

And now you can download and print a copy of the pamphlet produced from the transcripts of the meeting and additional materials:



Its a fabulous pamphlet and comes highly reccommended- not least because RedMoleRising gets several name-checks!

Hard copies can also be bought from Five Leaves Bookshop.




Happy New Year!

December 31, 2018


Remembering the 1968 Revolts – Voices from Nottingham – Part 4

December 31, 2018

Val Wood talks about the post 1968 Women’s Liberation Movement.

Remembering the 1968 Revolts – Voices from Nottingham – Part 3

December 31, 2018

A Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Revolution with Roger Tanner!

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