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What the MSM made of May ’68!

June 19, 2018

May.jpgHaving been born in the 1970s, the events of 1968 were a (slightly distant) backdrop to my experience as a student lefty.

However, this was always seen through the lens of the Trotskyist press or older comrades’ recollections.

So, it is interesting to look at this contemporary report from the mainstream media (or what we would have pompously called the Bourgeois Press!).

Eight full broadsheet pages on the events of May 1968 courtesy of the Sunday Times…

It is a large file- 54mb – so may take a while to load.



A couple more

June 18, 2018

RepAlso just added to our Irish papers collection:

Workers Republic no25– Autumn 1969-  League for a Workers Republic – with articles on the student revolt, Czechoslovakia and Rayner Lysaght on fascism in Ireland.

And, from a later period, we have the second issue of the Peoples Democracy magazine An Reabhloid which contains, amongst many other things, a review of Chris Bambery’s book Irelands Permanent Revolution.

Some Irish materials

June 17, 2018

Free.jpgCourtesy of Bruce Robinson, we can now bring you a few more Irish papers…

Here we have five issues of the Peoples Democracy newspaper Unfree Citizen all from 1974.

Also another issue of The Plough, paper of the Revolutionary Marxist Group,  to add to the seven we already had and issue 1 of Free Ireland– newspaper of the Anti-Internament League from May 1973.


International Marxist Review v2 no4 The Significance of Gorbachov

June 15, 2018

IMRInternational Marxist Review v2 no4 for Winter 1987 leads on The Significance of Gorbachov by Ernest Mandel with articles on strategy in Western Europe (Artous and Bensaid) and a major article on feminism in Latin America by Heather Dashner.

There is then an article on the Philippines by ‘Roman’ and contributions from the US Fourth Internationalist Tendency and by Socialist Action USA.


Latin America after Che- International Marxist Review v3 no1 Summer 1988

June 11, 2018

Resuming our publication of the English language FI journal IMR.


International Marxist Review v3 no1 is a little slimmer than most in the series, coming in at 80 pages.

The leading article on Che Guevara is followed by three further articles on Latin America, a discussion of Lukacs and Gramsci by Michel Lowy and a reply to a discussion on the Philippines…



The spectre of the Revolutionary Marxist Current…

June 6, 2018

The IMG Pre-Conference Bulletins for 1973 indicate the formation of a large number of tendencies within the organisation, including “the Tendency”, the Workers Opposition Tendency and the Left Opposition Tendency amongst others.

rmc cover.jpgIt is from members of this latter tendency that the independent group Revolutionary Marxist Current was to form early in 1975.

The LOT’s key contributions in 1973 were the “Communique” from its Provisional Steering Committee and the platform document “The Mass Struggle”

In late 1974 Martin Thomas, on behalf of Workers Fight, wrote a critique of “The Mass Struggle” which, when the RMC entered into a period of discussion with Workers Fight, was retrospectively designated as RMC WF Joint Discussion Bulletin no1. Two further discussion bulletins were issued: two and three.

We also have a copy of the RMCs response to Workers Fight’s Open Letter on Revolutionary Regroupment which is reproduced in Bulletin 3.

Following the breakdown of discussions with WF, the RMC also briefly had talks with the WF split Marxist Workers Group. However, the ultimate trajectory of the RMC was towards the group Big Flame as discussed in this post. This document from 1977 gives a good overview of the history of the RMC.

Between mid-1975 and the end of 1976 the RMC produced 16 issues of a paper The Spectre.

This phantom has proved very elusive and we currently have none in our collection, despite repeated attempts at a seance.

Thanks to Martin T for the RMC / WF bulletins, to Barry B for the RMC reply to WF and to Steve G for the IMG Pre-Conference Bulletins.


1968- An Accidental Revolutionary

May 24, 2018

PSUThis lovely article at is a tribute by Ruth Tanner to her father Roger- a long time friend of RedMoleRising.

We think Black Dwarf missed a trick when the serialised Che’s Bolivian Diary in not following that up with Roger’s Paris Journal.

Comrades who want to find out more about the events related will be interested in the 1968 Remembered event in Nottingham on Sunday 3rd June at which Roger and others will be speaking…

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