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1968- The IMG, SLL, CP, Vietnam and Czechoslovakia!

July 2, 2018

newsWe present here four leaflets or pamphlets from Bruce R’s collection of 1968 materials.

Firstly an IMG statement on Czechoslovakia and the Soviet invasion dated 23rd August 1968

At the same time the IMG issued an Open Letter to members of the Communist Party and Young Communist League covering very similar ground.

Then we have a reply to the attacks on the IMG by the Socialist Labour League’s paper The Newsletter over the issues of Czechoslovakia and Vietnam and the basis on which the IMG participated in marches and solidarity actions.

Finally, Pat Jordan’s speech to a September 17th public meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee was reproduced as a four page bulletin “Owing to constant interruption from supporters of the ultra-left Mao-ist oriented British Vietnam Solidarity Front, it was considered desirable that the speech be reproduced”


The Perils of Ernestine

July 1, 2018

ErnieThis rather cultured satire is an attack on our friend Ernie Tate, amongst others. Authored by Geoff Richman and G Crossick, the pamphlet is published by “Red Dwarf”

A more serious and very detailed critique of VSC tactics and the debates and discussions within the Ad Hoc Committee, particularly scathing of the IMG, can be found in Richman’s 66 page pamphlet October 27th End Of A Tactic which is also credited to “Red Dwarf” and published in November 1968.

Vietnam again- Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Bulletin

June 30, 2018

Anothe couple of items from the anti-Vietnam War campaigns of 1968/9:

The Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Bulletin, a publication of the Provisional Committee of the Action Council for Anti-Imperialist Solidarity, was apparently founded after the betrayals of the Trotskyite-YCL leadership of the VSC and Ad-Hoc Committee in relation to the October 27th demonstration…

Presumably the group was a militant split from the Maoist Britain-Vietnam Solidarity Front. Can anyone give us more information?

We have no1


and v2 no1



“Stunts cannot save the Trotskyite-Revisionist VSC Clique”

June 29, 2018

We have previously looked at the IMG and Vietnam War and have also been quietly adding VSC materials to our archives.


Here we present an example of the bulletin of the rival, Maoist, Britain Vietnam Solidarity Front

BVSF Bulletin October 1968

and a leaflet attacking the “Trotskyite-Revisionist VSC Clique”

A more measured flyer simply sets out the BVSF’s general position on Vietnam solidarity.

A discussion document within the VSC, authored by Geoff and Marie Richman disucsses how to respond to, and learn from BVSF provocations…

Lastly we have a snappy flyer from “Leeds Direct Action”. It is not clear if this group is related to the Syndicalist Workers Federation which published the “Direct Action” paper at this time.



The Student Struggle

June 23, 2018

A tattered piece from the Guardian but it tells us what’s what and who’s who..

Student Struggle.jpg

Bernadette’s Sinister Army!

June 21, 2018

Continuing our late 1960’s nostalgia fest, here is a piece from September ’69 on People’s Democracy…




Thanks to Bruce R for the recent press cuttings.

What do the public think about students?

June 20, 2018

Times.jpgA good question!

Here is a companion piece to yesterday’s May ’68 report which comes from The Times and gives a wider overview of student struggle and the response to it…

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