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The FI in Ireland

PloughThe Revolutionary Marxist Group, Irish section of the Fourth International, was formed in 1971 by former members of the League for a Workers Republic and Young Socialists.

It published a theoretical journal, Marxist Review, and a newspaper The Plough which became Socialist Republic in 1975.

The RMG changed its name to Movement for a Socialist Republic in 1976 and merged with Peoples Democracy in 1978. The fused group kept the name Peoples Democracy for the organisation and its publication was Socialist Republic (incorporating the PD journal Unfree Citizen).

Peoples Democracy launched a magazine An Reabhloid in the mid 1980s

Many thanks to Jim Monaghan for donating many of the papers reproduced here. We have also incorporated links to a number of issues of Socialist Republic which are online at the Irish Left Archive, a fantastic resource which hosts papers and documents far wider than our remit.

Irish Trotskyist no 6 27 February 1973

The Plough v1 no1

The Plough v1 no2

The Plough v2 no7

The Plough v2 no11

The Plough v2 no13

The Plough v2 no16

The Plough v3 no2

An Rheabhloid v1 no1 June 1984

An Reabhloid v1 no1 Summer 1986

An Reabhloid v4 no1 Aug Sept 1989

An Reabhloid v4 no2 Dec 1989 Feb 1990

An Reabhloid v5 no1

An Reabhloid v6 no 2

An Reabhloid v6 no3

An Reabhloid v7 no1 Spring 1992

Womens Movement at the Crossroads- An Reabhloid pamphlet

70th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution- An Reabhloid pamphlet

Marxist Review v1 no1 Oct – Nov 1972

Marxist Review No 2 Jan Feb 1973

Marxist Review No 3 Spring 1973

Marxist Review No 6

RMG Perspectives Document- The Prospects Before Us

Irish Nationalism and British Imperialism- RMG pamphlet

What is Trotskyism – Ernest Mandel – RMG pamphlet

The EEC and Ireland- RMG pamphlet

Socialist Republic No 1

Socialist Republic No3 Oct 75

Socialist Republic August 1976 no6

Socialist Republic Nov 1976 no8

Socialist Republic- Repression Has Been Condemned

Socialist Republic March – April 1977

Socialist Republic June 1977

Socialist Republic August 1977

Socialist Republic October 1977

Socialist Republic v1 no5

Socialist Republic v2 no1 1979

Socialist Republic v4 no1

Socialist Republic v4 no9 November 1981

Defend Irish Prisoners- IMG leaflet 1981

Socialist Republic v4 no7 August 1981

Socialist Republic v4 no8

Socialist Republic August 1982

Socialist Republic October 1982

Socialist Republic v6 no2 1983

Socialist Republic vol6 no3 June 1983

Socialist Republic v6 no4 July 1983

Socialist Republic vol6 no5 August 1983

Socialist Republic v6 no6 September 1983

Socialist Republic v6 no7 October 1983

Socialist Republic v7 no2 April 1984

Socialist Republic v8 no2 1985

Peoples Democracy leaflet 1985

Socialist Republic- The Deal Three Months On- Feb or March 86

Socialist Republic Election Special

Socialist Republic Emergency Bulletin

Socialist Republic August 1969 (?96)

Incorrectly dated 1969 – we think it must be 1996

For A Workers Republic Special Edition 1994

Socialist Democracy leaflet From Drumcree to Derry

Socialist Democracy leaflet Smash sectarianism

The Irish Peace Process- Socialist Democracy

Workers Republic no84 Special Issue

(NB this is not an USFI related paper but may be of interest- it is directly contemporary with the SR Emergency Bulletin above)

Peoples Democracy pamphlet

The Struggle In The North

Citizens Committee pamphlet

The Making of Northern Ireland

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