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The FI in Ireland

PloughThe Revolutionary Marxist Group, Irish section of the Fourth International, was formed in 1971 by former members of the League for a Workers Republic and Young Socialists.

It published a theoretical journal, Marxist Review, and a newspaper The Plough which became Socialist Republic in 1975.

The RMG changed its name to Movement for a Socialist Republic in 1976 and merged with Peoples Democracy in 1978. The fused group kept the name Peoples Democracy for the organisation and its publication was Socialist Republic (incorporating the PD journal Unfree Citizen).

Peoples Democracy launched a magazine An Reabhloid in the mid 1980s

Many thanks to Jim Monaghan for donating many of the papers reproduced here. We have also incorporated links to a number of issues of Socialist Republic which are online at the Irish Left Archive, a fantastic resource which hosts papers and documents far wider than our remit.

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