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Youth & Students

Marxist Youth Journal

Marxist Youth Journal vol1 no 2

Marxist Youth Journal vol1 no1 1969

Marxist Youth Journal vol1 no3

Student International- Bulletin for Student Power

Student International no1 February 1969

Student International no2 March 1969

Student International no3 May June 1969

The Spartacus League

Politics of the Spartacus League

Spartacus League document 3- Students orientation to the working class

Spartacus League document 4-How youth radicalisation has affected young workers

Spartacus League document 9- Intervention into workers struggles

Spartacus League document- The Communist Party

Stafford Spartacus League report on industrial work 1970

Changing Role of the Bourgeois University- Mandel- Spartacus League

IMG students pamphlets

Fascists and Racists- free speech will not stop them – IMG Student Pamphlet

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